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Monday, March 05, 2007

Those damned Clintons

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Clinton, Senator Clinton.

I wish that, as part of my job, I could also invent scenarios out of whole cloth that made my job easier. "That software was released last week, that's why I am playing solitaire."

I have to confess that first panel really threw me, however. Given that the rest of the panel is completely explicit in referencing the Clintons. I was trying to pull from memory some cookie-baking incident or massage that into a fat joke.

Then I realized Mallard substituted this for "didn't inhale" for reasons passing understanding.


tbone said...

This is (I believe) what Mallard is referencing here. Of all the Clinton issues he could have used, this is what he comes up with?

Kaitlyn said...

He lives in a fantasy world, tbone, where people don't know who Hillary Clinton is.

Unless he's joking, which I doubt.

I thought he meant something about the uproar over Hillary after 12 years of Republican wives. Someone called Nancy Reagan a Stepford Wife, and I think Laura Bush fits the role now, that smile is freaky, but Hillary didn't want to be the smiley stepford wife, she had things to do.

Like not baking cookies.

I bake cookies. When I want to, or when I've promised some one I will.

I want some cookies.

luke said...

Wow, he's outdone himself this time. Instead of setting up a straw man for liberals, he's set up a straw man for the ENTIRE NATION. Who in 2007 hasn't heard of Hillary Clinton??

I guess it is an interesting tactic - try to pretend none of the Democratic candidates are well known, even if they are. Keep it up, Bruce... maybe you can slowly make them cease to exist.

J.V. Walt said...

Yeah, it's too bad Hillary isn't as famous as, say, Walter Williams. Then the Democrats might stand a chance in '08.

GeoX said...

Considering that Tinsley still obsesses about the Clintons SEVEN YEARS after Bill left office, it's SERIOUSLY bizarre of him to be all "Clinton? Who? Nobody knows who those people are." So why do you keep inflicting lameass Clinton "jokes" on us, Tinz?

Anonymous said...

I thought maybe the joke he was going for was: "Yeah, they recognize Hillary's name, but all the associations are negative!" But honestly I have no idea what the point of this one is.

It should be noted that the Los Angeles Times has dropped Mallard as of today (although the notice in today's paper implies that they're still carrying the Sunday strip). Unfortunately, in an apparent attempt at "balance," they've also dropped the liberal-leaning "Candorville."

Mysterio said...


*Sigh*. Such is life. As long as good quality "lefty" strips exist, such as "Doonesbury" or "Candorville" we will be cursed by unfunny right-wing strips, such as "Mallard" or "Prickly City".

(I also need to link to "State of the Union", a strip that might be more lame and right-wing than "Mallard")

CounterHegemony said...

This strip reminds me of several years ago, just before the 2000 elections... We were discussing the upcoming elections in a college Philosophy class, when a girl in the back said, in all seriousness: "I can't believe anyone would vote for that Bush guy. I mean, didn't he do a bad job the first time he was president?"

This was about a week before the elections, mind you. Never underestimate the capacity for stupidity and ignorance in your fellow man.

It's incredible that Mallard is whining about name recognition - if Bush Jr. didn't have the name he does, he'd be lucky to be managing a Sunoco right now.

Kaitlyn said...

Regarding the ignorance of our fellow voters, my sister 13 when the 2004 election rolled around.

She thought at one point that Kerry was Bush's VP.

She voted for Bush in the middle school's election - he won the middle school, but Kerry won the elementary and high schools.

And lost the rest.

luke said...

My sister claims she had to take a quiz in her 9th grade civics class, and the vast majority of the class didn't know who the vice president was. These kids were mostly Bush supporters.

I know someone else who says a kid in her class gave a presentation about the Iraqi hijackers on 9/11.

People make me sad.