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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Those damned Nigerian Princes

What's Mallard raving about today?

Kim Jong Il, Nigerian email scams.

Combine the threat of nuclear attack by the megalomaniacal leader of an Asian country with the inconvenience of Nigerian email scams and you've got COMEDY GOLD!

Seriously, Mallard is excessively put out by those emails, isn't he? And with every passing reference, he further cements his reputation for being a bitter crank.


Kaitlyn said...

But he's not old enough to be a bitter crank.

And when was the last time anyone got one of those things?

And believed a word of it?

Anonymous said...

Ge has nothing to do with being a crank. It just matter of how you act. If your only joy it complaining about the minor inconvienience of junk e-mail, you are a crank.
BTW, how come he never complains about people trying to sell him V!agr@

Anonymous said...

"Age has nothing to do ..."