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Friday, March 16, 2007

Those damned Universities

What's Mallard raving about today?

University, censorship, book bans, speech codes, and ideological litmus tests, diversity.

Is it just me or does the fact that the students are hissing and booing censorship, book bans, speech codes, and ideological litmus tests make no sense in the presumed context of the panel? I'm guessing Mallard's thought it would be clear the students are booing the things which straw administrator is planning to censor and ban.

But that was just wishful thinking on his part, undermined by his lack of understanding of composition and the workings of the English language.

As it is, it's just reads like a nonsensical right-wing rant. And, thus, order returns to Mallard's universe.


Anonymous said...

Look up in the sky. It's a's a it's....

Kaitlyn said...

Here in Memphis, you would need to do a litmus test, whatever that is.

If you hire a white guy, you might want to find out how he feels about black people, because this is fucking Memphis and you wouldn't hire a Klansmen to teach at LeMoyne Owen or even the University of Memphis. I mean, no shit.

I'm having bigger problems with a university near me. (Namely, the one I applied to.)

The admissions office told me I'm not a priority because I already graduated, I'm an 'incoming Freshman', but not an outgoing senior. So the fact that my acceptance later came a month after they said they sent it out, the fact that they still want my transcripts even though I paid for them to be sent there... ARGH!!!

They can hire Dick Cheney for all I care, just give my a coherent admission letter. (The one I got has a glaring grammatical error in the second sentence!)

GeoX said...

This is seriously bizarre, given that it's RIGHT-WINGERS who are screaming most loudly about the need for litmus tests so more conservatives get hired. And for gods' sake WHAT LIBERALS HAVE EVER AGITATED FOR BOOK BANNING? Seriously. The mind boggles?

luke said...

For real, if you knew nothing about MF, you'd assume Strawprofessor is supposed to represent conservatives.

Weird how the booing and cheering doesn't make any sense either way.

Marion Delgado said...

Yeah, ideological tests like Juan Cole faced recently really show the leftist stranglehold on academia.

But I think everyone else here is missing the cartoon point - proving Tinsley needs to work on his communication skills OR it doesn't matter because the Fox Gestalt Mind will have no problemo.

In the first panel, they ARE booing all those things - because it's being-a-good-liberal to pay lip service to free speech, etc. BUT when he cites the holy, PC-sanctified reason for all that - "diversity" - which doesn't mean the kind of ideological diversity that includes conservatives of course - their true colors are shown as they turn on a dime and applaud the police-state tactics just as furiously as they were decrying them a second ago.

Am I happy or sad that I got that? Dunno.