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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Those damned Mastadons

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Oscars, The Ice Age, Climate Change.

I guess I should have realized that the Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth would spawn days and days of vitriol from Mallard. And on some level, of course, I did realize it.

But nothing can quite prepare you for dealing with a duck who is proud to reject scientific consensus and substitute his own reality. And thinks this is somehow a virtue.


luke said...

At least the Oscars have given him some actual material. I'd rather see him being a paranoid idiot than rambling on about baby boomers and celebrities.

dlauthor said...

You'll notice that Tinshley has modified his stance on global warming, like just about anyone saner than the Dark Lord Inhofe himself. He's no longer clapping his hands over his ears and shrieking "doesn't exist! doesn't exist!" Now he's clapping his hands over his ears and shrieking "not my fault! not my fault!"

This is a beginning. He's beaten on this; his walnut-sized brain just hasn't worked it out yet.

tbone said...

What was it you said yesterday about this comic? ...the utter illogic of this flimsy stretch of a premise... He took it to a totally new level today.

Anonymous said...

So, in the early years...mastadons ran the planet...and blamed all problems on cavemen? Okay, fair enough, but come on, everyone knows rhey lack the manual dexterity to carve a small detailed statue.

Anonymous said...

nevermind, statue isn't detailed. Appears to be lump of mush that is slowly oozing to the floor.