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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Those damned hippos

What's Mallard raving about today?

Hippos, the culture war, physchobabblers.

After a week of mildness, it's nice to see Mallard back on track with a standard bit of sophistry today. The combination of straw man liberal, a straw man argument, and a series of hot-button code words into something completely incoherent which will appeal to the lunatic fringe.

I confess, however, that I do enjoy the image of Mallard coming across a factoid about deaths-by-hippo and thinking to himself "How can I use this against liberals?"


Kaitlyn said...

I like how it's Africans that he said were being killed by the hippos, yes, hippos are in Africa, but I read somewhere it's usually idiot tourists, or just plain idiots.

And it is true, they get pissed off and kill more people than... sharks, I think.

But I think AIDs, Man-with-gun, and other diseases kill more Africans than hippos.

By saying Africans, he wants us in a corner, if we oppose killing hippos, than we hate Africans. Or something?

I saw this at 2, no 3, when the time changed.

I wish he'd done something on that today, it was so funny. (I was exhausted, uploading a video to the internet with dial-up.) I was looking at it at 1:59, then it said 3:00! What?! It was so funny, but Mallard wasn't. I've had 6 hours of sleep since then, let's see if it makes sense now.

No, no, no. It makes no f'cking sense. I bet today's Doonesbury will be witty, well drawn, and LOGICAL.

Again, how does this get printed?

GeoX said...

I may not know what I'm talking about, but I kinda think it's probably mosquitoes, unless the animal has to physically assault you for it to count.

Pantsman said...

And now to help Bruce Tinsley, I've used today's strip to create a formula for Sunday comics going forward!

Mallard: Hey...[insert some fact I read somewhere that may or may not be true and is irrelevant to most everything.]

Straw Man: Really? Well [series of increasingly riduculous arguments that no actual person would ever say in real life.]

Mallard: Those stupid liberals...[Broad unintelligable statement based on delusional logic that Straw Man's comments = liberal thinking.]

On the plus side, I like the drawing of a hippo. Too bad it's not trying to kill the duck.