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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Those damned Boomers

What's Mallard raving about today?

Baby Boomers.

Ahhhh! Over there! It's a former Hippie! Ahhhh!

Honestly, this pathological obsession is unhealthy, not to mention that it ignores 40 years of intervening history.

As for bringing Garry Trudeau into this mess, if I were in Mallard's place, I don't think I'd invite the inevitable comparison in a panel in which I'd included the phrase "Incontinental Breakfast."


Angrybassist said...

Garry Trudeau was the only boomer he could think of by name.

andy? said...

or he's a fucking idiot

NW said...

Tomorrow on Doonesbury: "Isn't that Bruce Tinsley by the open bar?"

Marion Delgado said...

nw ho ho ho ho! 'twould serve the cad right.

But really:

1. The very oldest boomers, born when, 1946? Are 61 at the very oldest. I.E. not even retired yet, let alone into Depends.

2. Tinsley was born in the '50s. A Boomer by almost any reckoning, himself.

3. Dennis Hopper, somehow his paradigm Boomer, was born 10 years before the very oldest Boomer. Around the same time as my parents and I was born in the 60s when they were thirtysomethings. So not a Boomer.

4. The stupid #@$#@$# should crack a book sometime, if the papers, magazines, Internets and Teevee aren't doing the trick.