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Saturday, March 31, 2007

That damned Electoral Process

What's Mallard raving about today?

The NCAA basketball tournament, the American Electoral Process.

It's probably just me misunderstanding something, but doesn't the NCAA Tournament have 64 teams?


tbone said...

Nope, it's 65. The bottom two teams have a play-in game. The winner gets the last #16 seed and the right to be demolished by the supposed best team in the nation. I imagine Mallard will be raving about that soon.

And can you imagine if we actually did boil our electoral process down to three weeks? Mallard would probably say something like "We only had three weeks to make an informed decision, so clearly the process needs fixing!" Either way, he's got something to complain about, and that's the important thing.

Frankie Machine said...

You know what's missing from the picture of Mallard sitting around in his pajamas, watching TV, spouting out non sequiturs about sports and politics?

Empty liquor bottles.

Kaitlyn said...

No, the electoral process should be like baseball - boring to all who don't care or know what's going on.

Plus, I find baseball players hotter than basketball players for the most part.

But yeah, frankie, if he wants to be a realistic grump, he needs empty bottles!

But he runs with the other comics in some papers, and people would complain.

His comic today was more boring than football and Nascar together.

He's wearing the purple and red spotted shirt again! (It runs black and white in my paper - editorial page.)

He just doesn't like that there are so many candidates right now, so soon. It was this was in '03. I remember. I have the Daily Show on DVD to back me up. John Edwards said he was running for president in 2003 - not in March, September, but it was 2003.

The NCAA sucks. The Memphis Tigers only made it to the elite 8, and the University of Tennessee only made it to the sweet 16. I have no idea where Vanderbilt if or when they lost. Vanderbilt is a private school in Nashville - we had Memphis, Knoxville, and Nashville in the tournament. Cool.

john said...

AT least Kentucky lost - HAW HAW!