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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

That damned Hilton

What's Mallard raving about today?

Paris Hilton, the Media.

Paris Hilton, who in real life may be devoid of a soul, has her eyes open and staring creepily out towards the reader in her Mallard caricature. What sweeping conclusions can one make of that oddity?

If we could find a caricature of another person without a soul (Vice President Cheney?) we might have 2 data points on this.


Truce Binsley said...

There are so many legitimate reasons to object to the incessant Paris Hilton coverage.

And yet somehow Tinshley chose the day she's expected to be released from jail to say there is "absolutely nothing remotely resembling new news involving Paris Hilton today."

dlauthor said...

Heh. Yeah, it's all in the timing. Put down the bottle long enough to do some research, Tinz.

Also, learn to draw. Paris Hilton is ultimately caricaturable, but what you "drew" there looks nothing like her. And enough with the penis-noses, already. I don't like considering the Freudian ramifications of those things while I'm eating my breakfast.

Scanman said...

It's so funny, I see the caricature of Paris Hilton, think that Bruce has finally got the timing thing right, only to see that he comments that nothing interesting has happened to her today. What a booby!

EddyPo said...

It's amazing to think that he drew this strip, what...a couple weeks ago, knowing that there would be lag time, and assumed that nothing new would be going on involving Paris Hilton.

What a jackass.

luke said...

Why does this moron even NEED a lag time? It looks to me like his average strip has about 2 minutes of effort put into it. He could mail these things in the day they're printed and it wouldn't have any noticeable effect on strip quality.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Yeah, if it weren't for the lag time, Tinsley would've recovered sooner from that little embarrassment last year when (being the awesome patriot that he is) he didn't remember to do a Veterans' Day strip until...well, Veterans' Day. ("Shut up! I have a good excuse! I was s***faced!")

...Oh God, he's gonna make this Hilton nonsense last all week, isn't he.

You would think Tinny would welcome the media's focus on Hilton, as it draws attention from the continuing parade of screw-ups and unAmerican behavior by his BFFs in Washington.

Anonymous said...

So he's going to berate the news stations for constant Paris Hilton coverage by dedicating several weeks worth of comic to Paris Hilton coverage.

Talk about removing your nose to spite your face. Twat.