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Friday, June 01, 2007

Those damned Homeschooled Kids

What's Mallard raving about today?

Reality TV, Homeschooled kids.

Ahhh, homeschooling, the answer to all life's problems.

I'm going to ignore the fact that yesterdays Mastodonal diversion appears to have been a one day stream-of-consciousness blip before going back to reality TV.


GeoX said...

I don't get the "translating the Aeneid into Latin" thing. Don't look now, Tinsley,'s kind of already in Latin. I suppose you could translate it backwards based on an English translation, but that seems somehow counterproductive. Do you lose credit wherever your version diverges from Virgil's? Is it meant to be some sort of Pierre Menard-type thing? Or is this incoherence meant to demonstrate to readers the tragic inadequacy of your public education? IT IS A MYSTERY!

Vakye said...

So clearly the answer for Tinsley is no, he is not smarter than a homeschooled child. Or any other.

dlauthor said...

This one's especially irritating, after that borderline autistic, home-schooled math/music whiz with the somewhat Jesusy mom won the damn spelling bee. Beating a Canadian in the final AGAIN.

Razzafrazzin. Expect a strip about this to appear ... oh, around September.

Scanman said...

You Canadians are doomed to lose all the spelling bees in the US. You and your colours, centres and what not.

Kaitlyn said...

This is so funny on top of what my mom learned at Freshman Orientation today. The parents had different things to do than the students.

Homeschool transcripts - even some Gateway ones - are useless at the U of M - only your ACT/SAT scores matter.

It's too easy to be biased with grades, and what you teach your kids. Most take them out and teach them because public schools are ungodly.

Gateway... I don't know...

Mallard's an idiot.

But he made me laugh today!

Marissa said...

Jesus Christ, I'm a mathematician, and I couldn't tell you off the top of my head how to find the area of an octagon.

So if some insanely overdrilled 10-year old wants to school me in polygonal geometry, that's just fine. I'll skip off into the sunset with my intact social skills and be perfectly fine with the situation.

dlauthor said...

Probably an easier way to do this, but just off the top of my head, the area of an equilateral octagon is equal to the square of its height, minus the areas of the four little negative-space triangles at its corners. Which would be the difference between its height and the length of one of its sides, squared, multiplied by two.

I think. I'm on my way to a movie, and this isn't a test, so I'm not checking my work.

Oh, and: not home-schooled. Frickin' Tinshley.

Anonymous said...

Hey ducky, you wanna throw down some polynomials and put your sigma where your mouth is, you just give me a call. Try to do it on a day when you're not shit-drunk off of cheap dime-store vodka. Maybe, just maybe, I won't make you cry when I explain to you why the Articles of Confederation, and a large portion of what conservatism is based off of, is a crock of shit.