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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Those damned Mastodons

What's Mallard raving about today?

Liberals, Moderates, Mastodons.

Damn Liberals. Or Moderates? No, wait, definitely Liberals. But Moderates. Moderate Liberal Moderates. But Liberal. Are we clear?

And yet, what bugs me the most is Mallard's smug little lean into the panel.

That and the fact that the end of the mastodon's trunk resembles a boxing glove. A five-year-old can do better than that.


etlsfbo said...

So yeah, Tinsley's just gone completely insane.

12xuser said...

This one is just confusing. Is the mastodon supposed to be a moderate liberal? Moderate because it has corked it's own tusks to make itself less dangerous? But the mastodon, after all, is an elephant-like creature, an animal not normally used to symbolise liberalism. Perhaps Tinsley has momentarily forgotten the last century-plus of American political cartooning.

Or is the mastodon supposed to be a victim of prehistoric moderate liberals, eager to make everything safe for everyone, but robbing the poor mastodon of its only means of defense? But if this is the intent, why bother with the "moderate" tag? Wouldn't this "joke" work better without it?

To summarize, I agree with etlsfbo.

cbrubaker said...

I just realized something. On May 30th, 1994, "Mallard Fillmore" began its run in newspapers.

That's right. The strip is 13 years old...

Thanks to toonopedia for reminding me that.