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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

That damned beauty

What's Mallard raving about today?

John Edwards.

I suppose I should be glad that it turns out that Mallard was being disingenuous yesterday when he intimated that he was against over blowing John Edwards hair.

Today he piles right onto the talking points, proving that for all his desire to be an iconoclast, he is just a tool of the noise machine.


Kaitlyn said...

How long is this gonna last?

And what is it tied to again? The fact that his haircut cost $400?

But that was more than 'some weeks ago'... so he's just lazy. (Tinshley, not Edwards.)

Or, for all his blather about homosexuality being bad (has he whined about that?), he has a crush on John Edwards.

And he's right. Edwards is the best looking politician running from both parties. If the Republicans put up somebody jowly and sweaty, they're screwed.

Obama's handsome, though..

And both are married and old enough to be my dad, so I'll stop.

But... where is he GOING with this?

12xuser said...

He's going where he always goes. Nowhere. He'll beat this "Edwards is just pretty" thing with a stick for about a week. Most likely, somewhere in the middle he'll throw in a day of Al Sharpton or the angry sun just to make us go "WTF?" Then it's back to Anna Nicole Smith.

Also, it's funny that he's trying to emphasize that Hillary and Biden are ugly. As opposed to all those old white men on the Republican side.

dlauthor said...

Gad. If 2008 turns into Edwards vs. (dear God please no) Romney, Tinshley will either have to come out of the closet or drink himself into an irreparable coma.

(Almost said "irreparable stupor," but that's really a fait accompli at this point, isn't it?)

Mysterio said...

You know that if Edwards was a right-winger, this week would be Mallard grousing that the Evil Liberal Media blew the story out of proportion and talking to various liberal strawmen.

Nick said...

Coincidentally, did you see Tom Tomorrow's strip this week?

Tom pretty much nailed Mallard on THIS one...

Nick said...
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Nick said...

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