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Saturday, May 05, 2007

That damned Reverend Jackson

What's Mallard raving about today?

Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Racism.

Case closed. Give Don Imus his show back.


Edmund Schluessel said...

Just looked it up. The "Hymietown" thing was 23 years ago.

Scanman said...

that's about his lead time

Kaitlyn said...

23 years ago?


Holy hell.

And I thought he was dated by talking about Imus when no one else was. (At least he hasn't complained about the media frenzy like he did with Mel Gibson - which was stupid because he brought it up 2 weeks after everyone had stopped caring.)

Think he'll do something about the DC Madam - somehow making it into 'democrats = bad, republicans = good'?

How come Doonesbury and the Boondocks never came/come across as dated, even with the same 2 week lag?

And for all the things said about whiny, frivolous lawsuit loving liberals, no one's written (or had their letter printed) to the paper complaining about Mallard, but there were constant letters about the awful liberalness of Boondocks, and there was one this week about how awful Doonesbury is.

Kaitlyn said...

His harping on Hymietown - which, even if he goes back to the evil sun or go somewhere new, like the new earth-like planet - (We can wreck this one all we want! Stephen Colbert), will pop up any time Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson say anything about anything - is ironic, given that his caricature of Jon Stewart is 'from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion' (Colbert again).

ryhpyrd said...

"Hymietown" is downright modern for Tinshley. Don't forget this is the guy who still wets himself and screams "Chappaquiddick!" whenever Ted Kennedy's name pops up.

And I don't mean exclusively in his comics, either.

jeremiah said...

Why is Al running?

Kaitlyn said...

Al's running because Mallard has exposed him for the world to see. (Exposed him as what, I'm not sure.)

There was a bit in MAD magazine about conservatives - I think it was their minute-by-minute break down of Bill O'Reilly's show - about topical things.

If someone said anything about the 2000 election, they're dismissed because that's old news, get over it already!

The next segment - something about Bill Clinton while he was in office. And of course, Hymietown and Chappaquiddick.

Because those 2 things make everything Ted Kennedy, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson have ever done irrelevant. Completely.

But the Governator's groping - no big deal, he's married. Bush Jr's drug use and drinking - he's been born-again. No big deal.

missy said...

I thought firing Imus was about leting the free market do it's thing. They were paying him a huge amount of money and he was losing advertisers (even if the ratings were up it doesn't help if people don't want their product to be associated with you).

Mallard is being such a socialist. Wanting a company to keep a guy around who isn't able to do his job anymore.

Anonymous said...

kaitlyn--Doonsbury's running strips from 2002 this week and they're not as dated as Mallard's are.