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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Those damned hamsters

What's Mallard raving about today?

Reverend Al Sharpton, radio-listening hamsters.

Blah, blah, blah, Al Sharpton, blah, blah, racism , blah, blah, blah.

There. I put as much effort into this post as Mallard put into today's panel.


ahazucq said...

This is just free-association. Maybe he's trying to compete with Zippy the Pinhead or something.

Kaitlyn said...

You didn't draw a bad caricature of Al Sharpton, you racist.

Notice Al's eyes? Weird.

Whatever - forget everything good the reverend has done, just focus on the fact that he fights racism and how bad that is? What has he been smoking?

Ah, drinking, my mistake.

I do think Sharpton was doing something stupid by coming to Memphis in 2005 to protest the parks named after Confederate leaders. The names should be changed, there aren't German parks named after Goebbels, now are there?

But it was the wrong time - and I don't think it got changed. Even though Memphis is more than 50% black, the powers that be still love the Confederacy. *barf*

Why was it the wrong issue to many people? The schools suck and a lot of black kids, a lot of poor kids, go to them. The government's also corrupt.

I wish the park names had changed, but they won't for a long time, since it's 'our heritage'. Whoever was in charge even shot down the suggestion of an historical marker saying what black people did in the Civil War. Asshats.

I like what they said about Sharpton on the Daily Show during the 2004 election. (I have the DVD - this is from the democratic debates.) Sharpton was eloquent, passionate, had a good record, but, sadly, he was black.

pmf said...

...and a hamster?

You know what would've made this funnier? If Al Sharpton had actually came even CLOSE to claiming that those who don't listen to his show are racist. Otherwise, the second half of the comic is pointless.

Bruce Tinsley: Creator of Strawmen.

eddypo said...

I could use a break from the Al Sharpton story arc. More Angry Sun please.

Nick said...

Anybody notice the e-mail address Tinsley gives here? He seems to have written ""; it should have been "," without the hyphen.

If he's offering a fake e-mail address, how does he expect to get any porn?

john said...

"Notice Al's eyes? Weird."

And THAT is why he draws all of his caricatures with their eyes closed.

luke said...

Yeah, I'll take closed eyes over glazed stoner eyes any day.

Could the fact that he's drawing caricatures with their eyes open now mean that he's reading this blog? That would, you know, kick ass.

Kaitlyn said...

Anyone else worried Al Sharpton's Guide to Racism is going to be a series?

dlauthor said...

No. "Series" implies progression. As always, it'll just be a bunch of iterations on the same unfunny joke until he blacks out and starts drawing Evil Sun or people begging with tin cups again.

Anonymous said...

The funniest part is it still makes Mallard the biggest hypocrit of all. Or has he forgotten his little tantrum over Jon Stewart's parody and how he said that putting words in other people's mouths is WRONG?

But mostly it makes me sick. Here we are, in the 21st century, and we only just now get our first non-rich-white-male speaker of the house? And guess what! She's WHITE. Wake up, Bruce, if Al is calling racism it's because it's very much alive and well in this country. Go back to your white-sheeted territory and don't listen to their protests... old rich male whiteys still gots the power.