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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

That damned Reality TV

What's Mallard raving about today?

Reality TV.

I did not just see a cartoon about a singing pedophile, did I?

Please, tell me I didn't.


Erich said...

Insert Michael Jackson joke here. (I could also say "Insert Gary Glitter joke here," but that would be too original for Mallard...)

Yezaif said...

Oh holy mother of God no.

It's almost as if he thinks he's Chris Morris, but it's not even that. He's not using the pederasty angle to make a point, he just doesn't think about it either way.

luke said...

Um. Somehow I doubt that Tinsley has heard of Chris Morris. There's no homage here; it's just a creepy drunk cartoonist attempting to make a joke out of child molestation.

"Down by the old mill stream?" What the fuck?

thatsthespirit said...

Yeah, there's no joke here at all, no point. You could easily come away from that, uh, drawing (I hesitate to call it a comic strip) thinking the author was in favor of reality shows about pedophiles.

Martin said...

That's funny because I read your post before I look at the comic and usually I can already picture what the comic will be and that makes me dread the horribleness of it but this time after reading your post I was kind intrigued and also excited to see what Mallard was doing this time. I can't believe I just admitted I was intrigued by the prospect of reading Mallard Fillmore.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't familiar with To Catch a Predator, so I looked it up on Wikipedia, and found this:

"A February 23, 2006 skit on Late Night with Conan O'Brien parodied the usual Hansen/predator confrontation scene into a song-and-dance number for a fictional off-Broadway show, To Catch a Predator: The Musical."

If you're gonna steal Conan's ideas, why not steal the good ones?

Truce Binsley said...

Next week in Mallard Fillmore: the masturbating bear.