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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

That damned self-righteousness

What's Mallard raving about today?

Self-righteousness, people going green, people with a social conscience.

This panel raises several questions to which there are no satisfactory answers:
  • Can't Mallard draw an index finger that does not look like a penis?
  • Does Mallard believe using a specific time, like 7:52am, enhances the panel in some way?
  • Why does Mallard repeat the phrase "I'm Going Green" twice in the panel?
  • They're the self righteous ones?


12xuser said...

Shit. I thought the official catch phrase of self-righteous moral superiority was "I'm born-again".

john said...

That may not be a well-drawn index finger, but I certainly hope that your penis doesn't look anything like THAT!

dlauthor said...

Years from now, scholars will surely debate the subtle difference in meaning between "I'm Going Green" and I'm "Going Green".

GeoX said...

Tinsley, of course, is PROUD of not having a social conscience.

eddypo said...

Geox is right on the money. Tinsley and his kind want everybody to know about how "politically incorrect" they are. They wallow in it. Even worse they trivialize the environmental movement by making it look like some kind of silly trend. Regrettibley we all reap the whirlwind if we don't get these issues under control, not just drunk idiot cartoonists.

Cedar said...

The wikipedia entry for MF states that one of his frequent targets in abortion
but I can't recall ever seeing an abortion "joke" in his strip, except for that Howard Dean DNC/ D&C punch line a couple months ago. Is this actually something he talks about with frequency?

Truce Binsley said...

There have been a couple of other abortion strips. There was one a couple of years ago with a guy saying that the death penalty was outlawed for everyone under 18. A thought balloon from a pregnant woman's belly said "Not everybody!"

This one also alludes to abortion, although in relatively subtle fashion:

But no, I wouldn't say that abortion is a "frequent target" for Tinshley.

GeoX said...

I've been reading this strip for a LONG time, god help me, and I distinctly remember a series of abortion strips featuring talking fetuses. Every bit as tasteful as it sounds.

GeoX said...

...found it. It's actually mainly about stem cells. But, you know, same rhetorical argument:

Kaitlyn said...

Oh my god, GeoX, those were disgusting.

And that first abortion cartoon mentioned- "not everybody" - was just stupid and offensive.

Nobody makes you have an abortion, at least here in the states. So if you don't want one, don't get one.

And the stem cells? Many are destroyed because they're rejected by a potential mother's body - and that's with natural conception!


He cares more about embryos than he does about his own liver...

I assume he holds a funeral every time his wife has a period?

luke said...

Holy effing Christ!! Those strips are.. uh, really, really confusing. How do you give a fetus a choice, exactly?

I do like the fact that the first of those strips features Mallard getting mugged.