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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Those damned Hollywood penguins

What's Mallard raving about today?


I honestly thought yesterday would represent some kind of low-water mark for Mallard.

But, today, Mallard manages to find a new low by going back to bitching about penguins in Hollywood.

I suspect what's really going on is that his Mallard Fillmore: The Movie script has not generated any interest.


Anonymous said...

Penguins are cute!

I'm beginning to suspect that Mallard is seriously repressed and wants to feel pretty.

Anonymous said...

yep, almost every movie. Because, what? Three movies in the past couple years is ALMOST EVERY movie.
And I don't care if it is hyperbole. It's fucking stupid, pointless hyperbole. What is the point behind your existence you stupid duck?!?! You don't create laughter or thought about issues. People I know have three reactions to the strip; apathy, pity, and amusement that this is the best comic conservatives can throw together.
Tinsley, I hope you see this so I can give you a little advice. Give it up. Not for me or the readers of a couple newspapers out there, but for other conservatives. Conservatives attracting enough flack because of general corruption and indefensibility of certain current events (a certain war for instance). They don't need you proving to the American public how unimaginitive and bitter they truly are.

Anonymous said...

I think he's complaining that he can't tell whether he's prejudiced against penguins or jews...

Kaitlyn said...

He's jealous of Opus.

Always has been, always will be.

Opus is awesome, Mallard is not.

All there is too it.

There's a movie coming out soon, an animated one about penguins, so that's "every movie", and I'm sure penguins will appear in Shrek 3, Pirates 3, and Evan Almighty. (3 movies I really want to see this summer.)

The last movies I saw were Stranger than Fiction and Night at the Museum. No ducks, only penguins.

Perhaps he was poking fun at the assumption that he's anti-Semitic?

Nah, it's not an assumption, and he could never "poke fun", he's a whiner. His party's in power and has been for way too long. What does he have to say?

On the Daily Show (and in Mad!), they mock the democratic Congress as well as the President, so it's not impossible to laugh at both parties.

But it requires brains and a sense of humor.

12xuser said...

No, it's actually funny, you see, because you're reading along, and it totally sounds like a bigoted rant against any one of the minority groups Mallard hates, and then he actually admits that he might be a bigot! And you're all "Dude, you crossed over the line there, you're in big trouble! The liberals finally got you!" And then you read a little further and "Doh!" it's PENGUINS, and you're like "Dude, you totally punked me with that." Comedy gold.

Scanman said...

Before he created Mallard Fillmore, Tinsley thought a character that was a giant nose would be funny and not at all offensive.

Anonymous said...

See, he isn't talking about penguins. It's a sly Jew-bash.

Would you get the message if he were complaining about "big-lipped, flat-nosed, dark-skinned...APES in movies?"

Anonymous said...

Agree on the Jew-bashing.

"See, he's a bird, so instead of hating Jews like normal people...he hates penguins, for the same reason we hate Jews! Haw haw!"

Plus, look at the penguin. Hook nose, long hair on the temples...