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Sunday, May 13, 2007

ThoseThat damned datum

What's Mallard raving about today?


Tell you what, I'd take sappy over this syntactically-challenged, rhyme-challenged, and rhythm-challenged garbage any day.

"Unlike as with Dads?" Is that even English?

(Update: Those datum/That datum. When it comes to use of English, people in glass houses and all that...)


pmf said...

"Man, liberals are so stupid! I mean, seriously liberals are the stupidest people ever!

By the way, cut out along the dotted line, and, in case you missed that tip, allow me to point it out."

Mallard Fillmore: Delivering the smug even on Mother's Day!

Erich said...

No, no, it's "THAT damned datum" and "THOSE damned data." (Remember, the word "data" is plural, and the common singular usage be damned...)

Truce Binsley said...

Does Tinshley even remember his previous whining about excessive coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's baby?

Anonymous said...

That baby looks like an 80 year old man, and what's with his giant feet. And why would I want to give my mother an unfolded sheet of paper with a picture of an elderly man with a white training bra and a huge and extremely self-satisfied duck in a suit. Also featuring a grey-haired woman with closed eyes. Pretty shitty card, and it really draws focus from mothers. mallard's eyes are, of course, half-open in his "I'm a hard hitting journalist" stare." While the ugly baby is restricted to dots and the ugly mother has closed eyes. Fuck you tinshly with your bad drawing and anti-women-in-general attitude.

dlauthor said...


Of course not.

dlauthor said...

Yeah, hold on. Ew. Is the sentiment in this card really "hey Mom, I really love you even though you probably slept with enough men that Dad may not be my real father"? Because cripes, that really is how it reads.

To Mrs. Tinsley, if she's still with us: we don't blame you. Let's say it's the booze, and not his upbringing. Happy Mother's Day.

NW said...

"Endures" rhymes with "yours"?

Not to mention that he abandons anything that might resemble a metrical pattern.

I can picture a large "F - come see me" if he turned this in to an English teacher.

NW said...

Oh, and is the duck crawling in a drunken stupor in the "middle" panel?

Anonymous said...

That... 'baby'... may very well be the ugliest thing anyone has ever drawn, ever. I really hope it was meant to look like an adult man in diapers. I don't really see WHY he would draw an adult man in diapers, but if that's an honest attempt to draw a baby... no, it's just not possible to be that bad. Please tell me it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just can't stop looking at that thing. I'm not even sure the head (clearly belonging to an adult) is attached to the body. Maybe the mother is holding the limp body of her headless child, and the (smiling!) head of the father? Yeah, that's what it looks like. Maybe the giant feet belong to the father too, hard to tell.

I'm not American, so I have to ask - am I missing something here? Is there any way a mother holding various body parts of her dead child and her late husband could be interpreted as "liberals are stupid"?

Whatever that creature is supposed to be, it's gonna haunt me in my dreams tonight.

Scanman said...

God I hope that the Mallard in the middle is dropping from the sky without his parachute, because we know his lame right wing won't be able to keep his fat ass afloat.

Packerchu said...

Mallard doesn't care about surrogate mothers!