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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Those damned moderates

What's Mallard raving about today?

Moderate environmentalists, recycled dolphins.


Moderate environmentalists want to kill dolphins and make furniture from their carcasses?

If that's the case, what does a reactionary, Republican, anti-environmental, Flat Earther like Mallard want to do? Burn endangered species alive until he opens a hole in the ozone layer the size of the Western Hemisphere?


connection said...

does he even know what "Going Green" is or is it all some joke to him? That strip doesn't make any sense.

I'm going green too... so I will make a table out of the skulls of giant panda bears!

Truce Binsley said...

This strip is entirely incomprehensible to me.

john said...

I kinda get this one; if I didn't know Tinsley better, it could be a critique of the way that this country uses the word "moderate" to describe people and positions. In that critique, it would show this guy, compromising between not killing dolphins at all, and killing them wantonly, by killing them, but using them to make a chair. In our country, that critique would say, that position would be moderate (because it falls at the midpoint between the two positions), even though, on it's own merits, there is nothing moderate about killing dolphins.

Of course, knowing Tinsley, it probably isn't any of that. The mechanics of the joke are the same, but he was probably going for simple absurdity rather than the commentary I talked about (ie, the guy wants to go green and recycle, but doesn't wanna go quite all the way with it, so he "recycles" his dolphins in his chair). All in all, one of his better efforts, IMO. Good jokes usually don't require long explanations, though, so maybe it isn't.

Brian said...

I wonder if he used the Burns Omni-Net(tm) to harvest his dolphin carcasses.

12xuser said...

Absolutely impenetrable.

Here are a few possible understandable "moderate environmentalist" jokes:

Moderate environmentalists don't smell quite as bad as those filthy hippie extremist environmentalists.

Moderate environmentalists only pray to Al Gore once a day.

Moderate environmentalists will allow a few liberal-approved industries to exist, rather than shutting down the entire economy.

Moderate environmentalists oppose capital punishment for people who drive cars. Unless it's a Hummer.

Jesus, Tinsley, it's just not that hard.

dlauthor said...

You know, my paper wasn't on the porch this morning, and I'd assumed the delivery guy had screwed up. Now, having seen this Mallard, I think the sheer volume of suck coming from the Tinshley caused the paper to collapse into a quantum singularity. And I'm worried that when I go home from work, my house may not be there.

Anonymous said...

First it was "I'm going green" then I'm "going green" and finally today I'm going "green" tomorrow... who knows. "I'm" going green.

pmf said...

Since everyone has already covered the incomprehensible punchline in today's strip, I'd like to insult the incomprehensible art:

~Brucey apparently started giving the moderate enviromentalist a striped shirt, than stopped for no apparent reason.
~That chair is just a shapeless blob with some dolphinesque lines drawn in. There is no way any human could possibly sit in that chair.
~There is a lot of empty space in that second word balloon, making me think originally there was a different punchline.

I really, really need some sleep.

Scanman said...

This type of joke was better done on the Simpsons with Mr Burns rationale for recycling. Reusing sixpack ring holders to catch fish to make slurry.