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Friday, April 06, 2007

Those damned penguins

What's Mallard raving about today?

Penguins, Hollywood, Global Warming.

Wow, this week just took a turn for the absurd...

First, Mallard admits that Global Warming is melting the polar ice caps. Then he goes off on a Penguin-exploitation-by-Hollywood tangent that you have to read to believe. Buried underneath all that is a rant about human causation of Global Warming. Or Hollywood. Or political correctness. Or Happy Feet. Maybe all of the above.

Does anyone know how many more days before Mallard starts ranting about Al Gore's testimony before Congress?


Kaitlyn said...

Um, I think my pain pills,allergy meds, and the anti-emetic I took have kicked in, because that strip makes zero sense.

Happy Feet wasn't about global warming! It was about overfishing the penguin's waters, something humans do.

And I know he wishes he was a penguin, Opus rules.

There actually was something in the paper about how most Americans don't give a shit because the signs of global warming are at the poles. And if glaciers melt at either pole, we could be in for a heap of trouble! The introduction of all that water into our oceans, the temperature of the water could cause god knows what...

Mallard, you're a duck, not an ostrich. Pull your head out of the sand. (Not that's in the sand, it would have to come out of his ass first. How can his head fit up his ass when there's such huge stick up there already?)

Andy said...

You mean the Evil Sun is the mastermind behind the Penguin Slave Trade? I hope Mallard Fillmore teams up with Mark Trail to solve this one.

watchdog said...

I think this useless duck is simply jelouse of a penguin he could never win a debate against;