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Sunday, April 08, 2007

That damned Easter

What's Mallard raving about today?

Easter, Straw Men.

Honestly, Easter is the highest Christian Holy Day and I think everyone is fairly aware of that fact and what the day signifies, so I challenge Mallard to identify anyone of any credibility making the claim that we should avoid mention of Christianity on Easter.

Beyond that, I have two other minor points to make.

First, Mallard's comment in the third "panel" eludes me. Is he making the claim that, historically, religion has always been a controversial topic? Considering the number of wars fought over religion in human history, I'd suggest that statement is hardly illuminating.

Second, despite my carping, I'm just happy for a respite from the Global Warming shtick.


Kaitlyn said...

Pardon my langauge, but OH MY FUCKING JESUS.

I am so glad I don't have to see this shit in the morning.

I can't imagine how many pages in the paper - often accused of a liberal bias - devoted to Easter. Shit, it's been piling on since Good Friday (not a federal holiday, we got mail, but my mom, a special ed assistant who is now federal got it off - paid - because it's a school holiday).

A major business put out a full page add with 3 crosses and Jesus quotes.


God, does he live in some fantasy world where you must hide your Christianity or you'll be burned for a witch?

*tries to torch computer screen, then realizes she can shut it*

Pluggers may be stupid, but at least it doesn't piss me off.


That felt good. Anger at nothing important makes me more tolerant of the upcoming fight for the couch - he's at the opposite end of a 6+ foot couch (I'm 5'4"), but we'll have to fight for it. And it will make me less angry about certain male dogs in this house using my boobs as stepping stones or, better yet, a resting place.

Kaitlyn said...

And this means the Commercial Appeal is cowardly because it won't run this strip.

It doesn't run Pearls Before Swine on Sunday either, because while they needed a weekday replacement for foxtrot, they didn't need a sunday one. They could do away with Cathy, though, since we don't get Cathy during the week, just her Sunday freakout - today will involve easter candy, I know it.

Yeah. The CA is an anti-Christian publication. Every Saturday, there are pages devoted to area churches. And most of the local, send in your pictures involve churches. And all the 'great kids' that get printed go to church.



Does he live in a Muslim country that will kill Christian converts or something, and uses Bruce Tinsley as a cover guy living in the heartland of the good ol' US of A?

And we'll be back to global warming tomorrow. Wanna know why? It feels like Christmas outside, it's so cold! It's snowing in New Mexico.

The danger of global warming is cold weather at bad times - like Memphis in April. But since it's called warming... deep breath...

Or he'll bash Pelosi.

Did you know Ramirez compared her to Iran's president, saying she was his puppet? That's the cartoon that ran in the main spot of the op-ed page, not a Bill Day cartoon, because he hates America.

*seethes at the idiocy of today's strip and the belief that Christianity is persecuted today* My sister used to believe that, she actually said that, then she went to her youth group, and now she neversays anything that stupid.

Kaitlyn said...

Hey, where did Jesus go after he came back to life?

I never got that part.

I also wished I had a chocolate bunny filled with the creme from a cadbury creme egg. I like hollow bunnies, honestly, too much chocolate in the solid ones.

And there's not enough sour candy associated with Easter, and I am out of sour skittles!

Why doesn't he devote a week to that problem?

Ryan said...

Jesus ascended to heaven on a day called "Ascension" or "Pentacost" 50 days after Easter.

Anywho, given the hardcore religious undertones of B.C. Hi and Lois and Family Circus, my paper must be really brave, avoiding all that controversy.

Anonymous said...

Read the comic again.

For all Mallard's blithering about controversy and persecution, the closest he gets to his Easter message is "true meaning of Easter." He does not say the oh-so-forbidden J--us and G-d. The word "Christianity" is spoken not by Mallard, but by StrawLiberal.

Tinshly can talk the talk (or rant the rant), but he's *afraid to walk the walk!*

Poor wittle duck.

GeoX said...

You know what's afraid of the Easter controversy? Google! No special Easter logo for today! OH NOES! Google is part of TEH ANTI-CHRISTIAN CONSPIRACY!!!!1111elven

But seriously, it IS kinda weird.

Kaitlyn said...

Geox, I've used google today, and you're right, nothing special.

Anonymous, he won't 'talk the talk'. He talks about talking the talk.

Ryan, OMG, today's BC was so blatant... *eyeroll* I'm gonna get me a syndicated cartoon and I am going to dedicate the strips that run on Muslim holidays to information about said holiday. And they can't say boo, because thev ran that BC - with no attempt at a joke. *barf* Well, I didn't have to go to church today, thanks for that.

And ryan, what did he do for those 50 days? Where's his physical body? Is he the only one who had his body taken into heaven, not just the soul? I'll ask my atheist friend who read the bible - and made a blog about it - the same thing.

Ryan said...

Yeah, he was taken up, body and all. He came and went, chatting it up with his apostles about fishing and the weather or something for those 50 days.

And Johnny Hart died, just before that BC strip ran. Ironic.

Andy said...

Is Johnny Hart coming back to life in three days?

A Cadbury creme-filled Easter Bunny is genius.

Is Mallard's circulation dropping, and he feels the need to thank the remaining papers that run him regardless of how flimsy the circumstance?

Marion Delgado said...

Google last time did have an easter logo: