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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Those damned co-workers

What's Mallard raving about today?


To paraphrase today's panel: I hate other people; just generally hate them, don't you?

Once again, Mallard proves that the biggest problem with him is not necessarily that he's a bitter right-wing crank, but just that he's a bitter crank.


Mysterio said...

Again we have Tinsley's love and respect for the common Joe that he likes to bring up in every interview.

I wonder if in school Bruce hated kids who turned their work in on time because it made him look bad.

Scanman said...

When has he experienced a female co-worker saying "It is what it is"? When he whipped "it" out to his co-worker? Was she supposed to be impressed?

Yeah, there's nothing more annoying than someone who pays his taxes as soon as possible, or someone who's always at work on time, who doesn't leave until the day's work is done, who doesn't take frequent vacations? etc.etc.

Anonymous said...

It pains me to say this, but that moronic phrase "It Is What It Is" drives me mad. Though, I must add, not as mad as MF makes me, doom on him.

Kaitlyn said...

Ha! My mom turned hers in by February.

Because she never pays, always gets money back... 6 grand... my aunt's a CPA... the only people who wait are those who have to pay.

She didn't go around bragging, though. She changed schools last fall and now works with one of Becky's preschool teachers. (Becky went to the preschool program at the high school.)

I thought alcohol made you happy?

Bruce, dude, even if dems are in power in Congress, your party - the one that gave my mom a 2% raise - will always be in control - you've got the money!

Somebody said that about Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly - why are they angry? They won.

And, sure he could be angrier because the dems are in power, but Mallard needs some of Dr. Kaitlyn's meds. No more valium, but I do have pain killers that no one is getting, the pain is real and a 10 often. I have a heating pad on me right now and I got up at 8 and took 2. I took one every 4 hours, except 8pm I couldn't walk upright, so I took another one. Midnight, stomach ache in the traditional sense led to to excruciating pain, so I took another.

4am, though, I was able to take one! I woke up at 8 in full ten pain though (or kidney stone pain, mom, I won't be rational for a while GET OFF MY BACK) and had to take 2.

At least they're 4 horus apart....

Back to Mallard, he doesn't need those, I don't feel mentally relaxed enough not to be angry about his stupidity.

Now, Tinsley needs to see a shrink. Bipolar disease runs in my dad's family - my oldest sister is legally disabled due to hers, and we know my dad is, but he's like Tom Cruise, psychiatry is bunk.

Bipolar disease is treated with anti depressants, and I didn't want to take anymore, they increased the dark thoughts.

But there's also a mood stabilizer, and it's working wonders. I'm much less irritable and less likely to piss off my mom by being snippy.

But, maybe Bruce has seen a shrink, and the shrink encourages this strip, as an outlet for his rage.

If that's true, good on him.

I'm still envious of his drawing skills.

I use my blog and places like this to express my bad feelings, if MF is his tool, good on him I say.

Though when you read an angry liberal cartoon, you get the feeling it's genuine and followed or backed up by activism.

What conservative activism? Harassing women at Planned Parenthood? Holding "Yay War! Yay Bush" 'protests' when there are genuine anti-war protestors...

dlauthor said...

Has it been established why, exactly, Tinshley is so especially extra-rabid toward people who ask their coworkers to buy candy/cookies so their kids can have supplies for school? Did he once choke on a mix of Thin Mints and Wild Turkey?

Has he even ever had a job with coworkers?

luke said...

This guy is sounding more and more like Melvin Udall every day.

pmf said...

My favorite part of this strip: The double "in":

"What?!...Still doing your taxes? I sent mine in in February!"

Seriously, does Bruce or his editors even bother to proofread these?

Frankie Machine said...

I think this strip was in poor taste, considering the CPA who shot up the office in Troy, MI recently.