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Monday, April 16, 2007

Those damned bums

What's Mallard raving about today?

Bums, beggars, panhandlers, or street people.

The last time a week started like this, Mallard spent the rest of the week trying to start a grass-roots movement for Walter Williams. My guess is that his efforts did not go so well, and this week will be about how poor Walter has fallen on hard times.

But that's just a guess.

It's also possible Mallard is just going to complain about poor people and veterans who bother him with their poverty.


Mysterio said...

My guess is that this week is going to be about how paying taxes reduces poor middle class folk like himself to begging for scraps.

Truce Binsley said...

It's never a good sign when Tinsley starts the week by telling us how daring he's about to be.

Kaitlyn said...

Oh shit.

If he attacks the poor - a-fuckingain, I will he is... SUCH AN ASSHOLE DICKFACE SHITHEAD.

Did I cover all the dirty words and body parts?

GRRRR... Tomorrow, if I get working pain meds, I'll go to the crisis center and work at the computer, entering in client info. Some of our clients were evicted and had to move into crappy trailers, but it's all their fault! Ha ha ha ha ha *barf*

Nick said...

"Bums, beggars, pandhandlers ... "

Perhaps the word he's looking for is "homeless"?

Or does that have a tendency to shine a bit of unwanted light on the Preznit's economic policies?

Eukyf said...

That poor person looks very tidy and well fed, doesn't he just.

Next week on Mallard Fillmore - people with cancer: fuck them all.

anthony said...

Bill Maher had pointed out this week that Imus had broken one of the important rules of comedy: you mock the powerful, not the powerless.

Tinsley's decided to spend a week mocking the most powerless people in out society. Should be comic gold.

Of course, it won't really be a true week. It'll be three days, followed by a couple of days of tax facts, and then another week that somehow involves Howard Dean.

GeoX said...

I strongly suspect that this is one of Tinsley's typical inane bait-and-switches--that subsequent strips aren't actually going to be at the expense of poor people, but are going to use poor people as a flimsy excuse to go off in some other, equally ill-thought-out direction. We shall see.

Mysterio said...


Speaking of Don Imus, how long 'till Mallard spends the week defending Imus/bashing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

Andy said...

Democrats are like street people, because Hillary and Obama are always begging for money, see?

Andy said...

Mysterio wins. Those damned poor people and immigrants making him pay extra taxes, the fuckers.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall MF doing a near identical joke last year, minus the "illegals/people who don't pay taxes" whine.

Given that Mallard spent the previous week bemoaning that he had to pay taxes, one can only assume he wants others to do it for him.