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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Those damned rats

What's Mallard raving about today?

Rats, Teenagers.

All over America today newspapers will devote space and ink in service of a panel which, in essence, is a long-winded setup to say teenagers are moody and think they know everything.

As if that were worth saying, even ignoring the color pictures and unnecessary setup.


Kaitlyn said...

I don't get why this deserved space, either.

It's not funny, it's not new to anyone, and it's not conservative in any way, unless hating everyone but you (even your own age group, brucie) is now 'conservative'.

Everyone was a teenager at one point.

And every generation is worse than the one before, at least when they're teenagers.

You know why we're moody?

Hormones are rushing through our rapidly changing bodies. We have to go to school, where we do know more than most of our teachers about what's important (to us) - computers. At school, we are expected to act like adults while we treated like children.

It kind of sucks.

And, unless our parents are high school or college teachers, we *do* know more than them, at least while still in school.

Who remembers shit from high school?

pmf said...

Once again, Bruce manages to create a throwaway character who is at least ten times more interesting than Mallard. Seriously, he should dump Mallard and dedicate this strip to the adventures of the Evil Sun and the Rat with a Pierced Ear.

12xuser said...

Maybe the conservative point here is "those liberal eggheads at liberal Universities, boy, they sure study some stupid liberal things", but you can't really tell by reading the comic.

Kaitlyn said...

That rat is so edgy and full of rattitude!

One ear pierced! No way, man.

I got my ears pierced around my 12th birthday - I stopped wearing earrings years ago.

I also got my right eyebrow pierced after graduating from high school. I paid for it, my mom signed for me. Still 17.

My sister has an industrial piercing, and pierced her 'tragus'(sp?) - the little triangle of cartilage that forms the tunnel of the ear - it didn't hurt until she talked on the phone.

We're biiiiiiiiiiiig rebels. *eyeroll*

john said...

I wonder WHICH State University of New York found this out. I went to Stony Brook, myself, but there are plenty of other SUNY schools ...

luke said...

Interesting: by Tinsley's own definition, he is a teenager.