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Monday, April 23, 2007

That damned Nancy Pelosi

What's Mallard raving about today?

Nancy Pelosi.

One of these days someone should write a scholarly article about Mallard Fillmore, contrasting the lavish attention to detail expended creating grotesque caricatures which are, despite the level of detail, barely recognizable with the one-dimensional subject matter whose stock-in-trade is the straw man argument.

I don't have that kind of time on my hands, so I'll just mention the irony in passing.


Mysterio said...

Yuk Yuk. Bet no one ever thought of that zinger before, Bruce.

Speaking of right-wing cartoons, here's one that I found to be particularly vile, even more so than most Mallards:

Anonymous said...

That's actually a pretty darn good characterture for Bruce. I knew who it was, and it wasn't too over the top. No straw-man usage yet this week; the "joke" was lame, but he's batting .500 here, so let's give some credit!

Taquelli said...

Yeah, I was, in fact, impressed. That looks mildly like Nancy Pelosi; even better than her herself, because she is not an attractive woman. It actually flips my bonnet a little that she's become the bastion of Democratic thought, because I often have a tendency to disagree with whatever the hell she is doing. Her and her stupid, stupid grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

dude, Pelosi is cute as hell, and a damn respectable woman.

john said...

You can tell that Tinsley took a long time trying to draw a picture of Pelosi, and that this was the best he could do. It looks like he drew it straight from a photograph, which begs the question: could he draw her from a different angle? I mean, look at the composition of this cartoon. Pelosi is right in the middle, as if to say "SEE? I told you I could draw!" and she is surrounded by text (ostensibly a joke), which makes the whole thing look to me as if Tinsley drew the picture first, said "hey, that's pretty good," and made up the joke as an afterthought.

pmf said...

I gotta agree with taquelli, that's actually a pretty good cariacture, especially in contrast to yesterday's bloated-corpse attempt at Al Gore. And the gag was OK, though I hope it doesn't foreshadow a week of gripping about Nancy Pelosi.

And that VT cartoon is disgusting.