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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Those damned other people

What's Mallard raving about today?

Americans who don't pay taxes, Illegals.

To be continued? You mean this whole week's going to be a picture of him with a tin cup and signs bitching about everyone and everything he doesn't like?

...And Democrats. And Liberals. And the French. And the Poor. And my former P.E. teacher. And that one judge who just didn't understand me.


EddyPo said...

"...and he paid the taxes for off shore corporations that don't pay taxes."

Maybe that one will come up tomorrow.

Truce Binsley said...

I'd like an example of an American who doesn't pay ANY taxes. Not paying income tax is not enough.

It's interesting that the duck is whining about paying other people's taxes while begging for a handout.

dlauthor said...

Damn those people living below the poverty level for not paying for the war. They must really hate America.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and on a related note, today's Prickly City descends into Tinslevian madness and incoherence, too. I mean, Ben Franklin? Who taught Scott Stantis history, anyway?

Melissa said...

NPR this morning has a story all about illegals who DO pay taxes. They get a taxpayer ID without a social security number and file on the income they have earned under the table. The IRS is trying to encourage people to do this and says they don't care about your resident status as long as you pay the taxes.

Of course I suppose that the next duck rant will be about how the IRS takes taxes from illegals without arresting them.

Kaitlyn said...

Canadians don't pay American taxes, and they totally watch American tv shows and movies!!!! (Some filmed in Canada because it's cheaper. :P)

I hate fiscal conservatives - are they really that callous and stupid?

My mom doesn't pay income taxes because she makes less than $20K, not because she ... hates America or something.

eddypo - I thought the same thing about corporations - they're the biggest welfare babies in the world.

Scanman said...

Let's get rid of them there immigants so that we can pay less taxes and pay $10 for each apple we buy, it'll be worth it, just nots to pay taxes.