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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Those damned stamps

What's Mallard raving about today?

Forever stamps, the USPS.

Truth be told, today's panel is not all that bad.

But since I am obligated to be snarky, couldn't Mallard take the time to place the damn ellipses where it belongs rhythmically, after the word "tomorrow"?

Also, we're done with the "tax facts" on April 12? That's, well, weird.


Andy said...

Every time I have ever mailed anything, it has gotten there in a timely manner. The USPS is batting 1.000 with me.

dlauthor said...

Stupid government, providing public services. I'm sure that if the postal service were privatized, they'd be much more efficient and inexpensive. Right?

I'm curious. Does Tinshley send all his letters by Fedex or something?

Anonymous said...

Ha! So funny! It's about mail! And it takes forEVER to get somewhere! And sometimes it doesn't EVEN GET THERE! HA HA HA!

No, my mail service hasn't been perfect. But for it to be a joke it would have to BE a joke. Like my bills would always have to be continuously a month late. And the postal workers would have to travel by donkey and tricycle.

I'm betting someone was a bit peeved that sending out a payment the day before it was due and got hit with late fees.

EddyPo said...

USPS also bats 1.000 with me. Of course now I've jinxed things.

P.S. Tinsley's a turd.

Truce Binsley said...

I don't know if Tinsley does it himself, but he does expect people who send him gifts to use a private carrier.

Captain Slack said...

Personally, I have no idea whether Tinshley actually has bad luck with USPS, or whether he just rags on them because they're yet another example of the government having the audacity to do something that neither enriches the military-industrial complex nor expands the national security state.