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Monday, April 09, 2007

Those damned people

What's Mallard raving about today?

Taxes, Many Americans.

Of course, Mallard provides absolutely no basis for his straw man claim. I could forgive him if the joke were even worth isn't.


Scanman said...

He's been down this road before. He apparently thinks it's idiotic to have your taxes withheld on a weekly basis bit by bit than to not pay taxes at all until April 15th rolls around. I think it has something to do with fully realizing how much a tax bite you get if it's done all at once. As an independent contractor, he has it done this way.

Now I've done both and let me tell you it sucks to save up your money, pay an estimate on a quarterly basis only to find out you STILL owe a chunk of change in April, usually more than you might have on hand.

Mallard we have to pay taxes, especially when the Republicans are in charge and spending our money before we even earn it. Withholding our money allows us to budget better. We don't fool ourselves in thinking we have more money, and when we get our "refund" (Yeah, even a commie-lib like myself puts it in quotes) , we can then reward ourselves with a big purchase.

A word of advice, always claim zero for dependents. It helps with budgeting.

So prepare to hear more of this line of logic throughout the week.

Kaitlyn said...

"Most Americans are stupid."

"Why do people think I'm abrasive and hate my guts? I don't understand."

*whacks the talking duck Mom got in New Mexico "Bad duck! No Dixie, don't kill it! It's not real! You already saved me from the vacuum cleaner yesterday and Becky from the mower last week, you're a good dog."*


My mom doesn't make enough to pay taxes, and she gladly has it withheld from her paycheck. Only an idiot wouldn't - you get money almost every year, rather than having to scrounge for 6000 the government took over the last year. That's how much she got, 6K. That's a third of her yearly paycheck at once. It went to getting the boy dogs fixed, paying off our electric bill, hopefully finishing off the car payments, paying her divorce laywer to chase dad around some more, and general easiness if she misses a day or half a day for a sick kid.

But she's not investing it, so she's wasting it. Actually, some is being saved for the empty summer months and she wants to put a few hundred in a bank account for me, for school. (special ed assistants only get paid during the school year, they can't agree to have their pay check cut so they can get something over the summer, and she's only paid for 7 hours a day, so she can't get unemployment, but she works with special ed kids all day, she doesn't have the energy for anothe "part time" job.)

Bruce talking about poverty, with a dual-income household drawing, I will kill him. Mom gets child support for me (until the youngest is 18, he signed it so his previous wives wouldn't testify against him) and my sister, and when I turned 18, she started getting half of his military retirement check - before he takes anything out.

He's a conservative, of course.

We pay sales taxes.

He pays the note on the house, he pays property taxes.

Mom knows she pays taxes - and she likes paying them every 2 weeks, rather than all at once.

She knows that taxes pay her salary, my dad's salary (a cop), his retirement money, and for everything else that makes life civilized.

But our sales tax is too high - 9.25 on the dollar.

But Mallard's an ass.

I do think there should be a literacy/govt knowledge test if you want to vote. But only if you are under 18 (God, I wanted to vote in 2004 and I was 16) or a convicted felon and can't vote right now anyway.

Not for the general populace.

You know what would educate people about our government?


Better education.


Truce Binsley said...

Know what's even scarer? A bitter old crank who got a DUI just a few months ago thinks he's entitled to pass judgment on who should be allowed to drive.

Andy said...

Does Mallard like anybody other than Walter Williams?

Kaitlyn said...

He likes Rush Limbuagh and probably Sean Hannity. (Their voices make me want to vomit.)

He may like Preznit Bush, but he never talks about the war, just about how bad liberals are. For the 2 week lag time after the '04 election, he had a thing about "preznit Kerry" and when he reached the election results, "it was all a dream." I cut out that day's Boondocks - Huey standing on a hill, SCREAMING his head off while his friend says, "Let it out." And Huey's like, "I know it's been two weeks, but... augh!"

Scanman said...

Let's see, A man knows he gets gets paid $10 an hour, always works 40 hours a week, gets his paycheck, he looks at it, it says $312.67, and we're suppose to believe he doesn't know he gets taxed?