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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Those damned Sopranos

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Sopranos, Premium Cable, Thrift.

Wow. I

I believe this may be the stupidest thing ever published since humans began expressing themselves visually and/or verbally.

I mean, Mallard is reaching a point where running his comic is akin to publishing a person's diary, assuming that it was a really, really, really boring person.

When Mallard does finally get around to watching The Sopranos, he wont stop bitching about how disappointed he is, not realizing that the major flaw in his premise is that much of what made The Sopranos so ground-breaking--the anti-hero--has now been turned into a commodity by shows like The Shield and/or House. It can't be fully appreciated in retrospect.


Erich said...

"If I ever do watch 'The Sopranos,' it will all be fresh and new to me..."

Could there be a more redundant statement? Yes, it'll be fresh and new to you, because you'll be seeing it for the first time. It would be fresh and new regardless of whether you see it on premium cable or rent the DVDs. (And it's been out on DVD for years, so what's with the big delay in checking it out?)

12xuser said...

"Strike another one up"? Strike another WHAT up? What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Are we striking up the band here? Are we playing a song for cheapskates? If so, why? Is there something in the first panel to celebrate by striking up the band? Is he saying that it's a good thing that he hasn't seen the Sopranos?

Or are we striking a match, firing up a fattie? In that case, given that it's Tinsley, shouldn't it be "Raise a glass to"?

I wonder if he is going to spend a hard-hitting week on the controversy over the Sopranos ending. Or did anything else happen two weeks ago?

luke said...

I love how Tinsley openly reveals the fact that all he ever does, ever, is watch TV. Even his political strips are compiled from what he's seen on cable news channels. It's almost charming, in a way.

tBone said...

Ha! I don't have any kind of cable! I must be even more of a disgruntled old codger than Mallard is!

dlauthor said...

I wish he'd strike one up for those who are too cheap to buy bathtub gin.

Truce Binsley said...

If I ever do read Huckleberry Finn, it will all be fresh and new to me. Strike another one up for us guys who never learned how to read.