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Friday, June 29, 2007

Those damned Candidates

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Reagan, Republican Candidates.

Things must be worse in the GOP that I'd imagined if Mallard is this dismissive of the entire field of candidates. Time for Zombie Ronald Reagan.


Anonymous said...

if some other comic was doing that joke it might be good.

Kaitlyn said...

The Daily Show already did it.

I love what it says!

The first Bush was elected in the hope of more Reagan politics. (My mom still loves Reagan, no matter what he did or denied in office.)

After 2 terms, the veep usually runs (doubtful), or if he doesn't, it's someone wanting to continue the last 8 years from the same party.

Not this time! They want to be Reagan, who left office before the newest voters were even born. I was born in '88, I voted in '06, the youngest voters next year were born in 1990, and barely remember the Clinton years unless their parents were politically active. (I just remember the sex part.)

I think Zombie Reagan will be the new Ralph Nader.

Oh and, you knew this was coming, he can't be worse than who's in charge now. Zombies like brains, more money for education! Though he may not give a damn about health care... hmm..

blah blah blah blah blah. Did I talk to much?

And good god, Mallard, put on some pants! You are not Donald Duck.

dlauthor said...

Pants are a must, particularly if he's going to point his crotch so forcefully outward whenever he parks in front of the tube with his box of Starch-o-bits.

When the likes of Sam Brownback and Tom Tancredo aren't infuckingsane enough for Tinshley, it's time to call the nice men with the butterfly nets. Guess he's just upset that Backup Black Rush Limbaugh Crazy Guy didn't heed the groundswell of demands that he run.

Frankie Machine said...

I think a more realistic version of this cartoon would be to show the candidates doing their best Reagan impression by laying wreaths at the graves of SS officers.

EddyPo said...

"Zombie Reagan '08" would make a great bumper sticker. Another benefit would be that he would be fairly assassination proof (well ok, a head shot would still take him out).

Andy said...

I'd just like to leave a comment going on record that the "andy?" who left a message saying Kaitlyn talks too much was not me. Any comment left by me will have my smirking visage to the right.

Tom Tomorrow already suggested the Republicans run "Guy In a Ronald Reagan Mask" a couple weeks ago.

connection said...

yes yes.. as usual he's late on the topic and seems to take all of the humor out of the joke.

you could just rename the comic strip "Unfunny stuff that happened a month ago" but it doesn't have quite the ring to it.

ZombiePresidents said...

Well if you really want to support Zombie Reagan for president - you'll need this bumper sticker:

Zombie Ronald Reagan for President sticker
- Just trying to put the fun back in the joke...

luke said...

I thought that comment (that Kaitlyn talks too much) was posted anonymously. Did he come back and say it again??

Wasn't me either, I swear. Kaitlyn's posts are pretty stream-of-consciousness, but it's charming.

Andy said...


Yeah, later there was a comment that read

andy? said...
kaitlyn, your sister sounds like a smart cookie

Again, not me. Obviously, someone is trying to drive a counterrevolutionary wedge into our invincible Mallard-hating solidarity. Constant vigilance, comrades.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

We missed Saturday's Mallard! Dumbduck was bawling about "green" celebrities and CFL bulbs.

I'm big enough to concede to reality: CFLs are a fine idea, but unfortunately, they aren't exactly hardy. If your lamps flickers a bit, the bulb will crap out very quickly. Also, they're toxic waste when they're out: mercury. A work in progress.

Mallard would've scored if he'd hit that. Instead, he makes up crap about miscolored light. That's what happens when you're a complete idiot; you miss the forest for all the stoopid trees.

Does he worship "anti-green" celebrities of the Nugent variety? Is there some yakturd, who advocates for dumping used oil into lakes and oceans, that he can't get enough of?

'Course, Mallard regularly and desperately flaps his wings and beak trying to convince everyone that the cause of climate change is "debatable;" suppose, just for argument, that he's right about cowfarts and evil sun activity and volcanoes and yadda yadda yadda--what does he propose? Fighting back against Mother Nature in the style of C. Montgomery Burns, by stripping the oceans and filling the sky with soot? What is it that he suggests?

Or am I giving him too much credit by believing that he thinks that far ahead?

dlauthor said...

I was just amused that a MALLARD was bitching that light bulbs made him look green.

I mean, Earth to goddamn Tinshley.