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Saturday, June 16, 2007

That damned math

What's Mallard raving about today?

SPAM, Friends.

Goddamn it, Mallard. Do I really have to do math for you?

If you email this special message to 10 friends once a day you'll have 70 fewer friends by the end of the week.

10 friends, 1 time per day, 7 days of the week = 70 friends.


GeoX said...

I guess we could read it as saying that you would send it to the same ten people seven times. I don't know why I'm speculating about this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

damnit geox, you stole my point!

Kaitlyn said...

He has 10 friends?


I have 3 e-mail addresses, if I believed in this shit, I'd have 2 names right away!

His chair is pink and very weird.

This guy draws better than I ever will (I swear I scored so low on standarized essay tests because of my handwriting), but good god, that doesn't even look like a chair back.


The White House is admitting competent people were fired for political reasons, more gays are getting kicked out of the military, and of course, the immigration bill.

But chain letters.

Ooh! Edgy!

I don't even get them because my mom knows I'll delete them (she gets the sappiest ones) but I wish I did! I've missed out on something here.

Jesse said...

I thought that maybe the fact that today is saturday might explain it, since there would be 10 days left in the week. Of course, then the logical ting to say would be "by the end of the day."://

Anonymous said...

Atfirst I thought the thing behind him was some kind of giant mallet, but i guess it's the back of his chair.

Kaitlyn said...

He thinks that 60 out of 70 people adore chain letters.

The other 10 are liberal ingrates.