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Monday, June 18, 2007

That damned Senator Reid

What's Mallard raving about today?

Senator Reid.

Mallard's really on a roll here.

After reducing the Immigration debate to a cutting-in-line metaphor, Mallard is now comparing the war in Iraq to a girl's soccer game. I don't know where these statistics are kept, but I strongly suspect AYSO has not seen over 3,000 deaths in the last 4 years.


GeoX said...

"Oh, let's leave Iraq! Thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed and maimed whine whine whine! I want to leave just because everyone hates us and we're accomplishing jack-all! I'm a scared little girl!"

...that's why we need Manly leaders like George W. Bush. Real men. Men who know how to Stay the Course. Men who are not afraid to order tactical nuclear strikes on girls' soccer games.

wzogg said...

Actually, if it's seen as a metaphor for the Democratic Congress continuing to rubberstamp everything George wants even though they won both houses, it works quite well.

dlauthor said...

I actually read it wrong. I took it as a criticism of Reid (and the congressional Dem leadership) backing down on the war funding stalemate because they were afraid that Bushco would say Bad Things about their patriotism on Mem Day weekend. And I found myself in the strange circumstance of kinda agreeing with Tinshley for a change.

Fortunately, the revelation that this is another mindless sub-Limbaughian "cut n run! cut n run!" screed has restored the Earth to its proper orbit and made the sky blue again, so I can go about my day.

Marion Delgado said...

This is a script-generated comic strip. You pour in Iraq, Security, Soccer Moms, Democrats, Weak -- and out comes a charming and witty comic strip. Who says you can't automate and outsource comic strips? No red-blooded patriot!

ianrey said...

Mallard, as always, gives an interesting summation of the talking points. But the true analogy would be, "gee honey, you came to play soccer, but the other side is actually two different teams, playing against each other, and they have paintball guns. It doesn't really matter how many goals you score, you're still going to get shot, and it's going to be messy. Since they don't want to play your game, why don't you just get in the van and let them shoot it out?"

luke said...

Um, didn't Tinsley say in an interview once that he doesn't support the war? I swear I've read that (and it explains why this is his third strip about it as opposed to, say, the 18 rants about obesity). This is the mark of a hardcore Republican: abandoning their own opinions in attempt to be relevant.