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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

That damned Media Matters

What's Mallard raving about today?

Bill O'Reilly, Media Matters for America.

There's so many delicious things to choose from here, but I am traveling and have limited time so, I will leave most of it to commenters, who will do a better job of going after this one than I can. I know we've all been waiting for Mallard to leap to the Right-Wing Water Carriers' defense, though of course, I figured it would be Rush Limbaugh first.

That said, I will demand that someone pull out the Stephen Colbert quote, which encapsulated this better than anything, and post it in the comments.

And for the record, Mallard giving Bill O'Reilly advice and comfort on what it means to have "arrived" is hilarious. Given his definition, I think it's safe to say Mallard is still "in transit."


Truce Binsley said...

I like how he doesn't even attempt to identify the "lies" supposedly being told about O'Reilly.

Anonymous said...

"That’s right, hate mongers like Media Matters take innocent statements like mine, Rush Limbaugh’s, John Gibson’s, and Bill O’Reilly’s and make them offensive by posting them on the internet, allowing the general public to hear words that were meant for people who already agree with us. Media Matters, you want to end offensive speech? Then stop recording it for people who would be offended."

- Stephen Colbert

BillyWitchDoctor said...

In Tinny's World, if it's printed by a left-wing blog, it's a lie. It's just that simple. How does he know it's true? The right-wing blogs say so! Google for yourself!

This sexual predator Tinny's so fond of probably winced when (if) he saw that wanky caricature. Keep drawin' those tighty whitey righties, Tin-Tin! You might actually accomplish humor!

Michael said...

Bill O'Reilly is a Telosian from Star Trek?

"Lies", indeed. It's hilarious how O'Reilly gets pissed at Media Matters when they post transcripts of what he said, context included. And, like truce binsley says, he and his defenders never mention exactly what the "lies" are.

Take Mallard's advice, he knows what it's like to have "arrived" - he can't go anywhere without people stopping him! Oh, wait, that's just the cops stopping him because he's weaving in the road again.

Anonymous said...

Why does O'Reilly look like an outline of a pinkie? Ohmigod -- I think I've cracked the code!

tbone said...

Yes, I'm sure Bill O'Reilly would never-- NEVER-- lift a quotation out of context for the purpose of smearing someone.

Anonymous said...

What's greatly amusing about this is that Fox News is famous for grabbing lines off of Right-wing blogs and running with them. No research whatsoever, of course, just reporting on what they're read on a blog. Never issue retractions or anything, either.

exanonymous said...

Lies, huh?

Why lie when the truth catches him anyways?

Mallard's busy complaining about kids not knowing where Iran is on a map, but Bill O'Reilly loves to shove "facts" about WWII down throats that aren't even TRUE.

FDR and censorship during WWII.
Malmedy Massacre (twice)

He didn't just use these in passing, he shouted they were facts everyone should know in complete support of his statements.


Jeff said...

Well, this is a nice surprise! I was about to start my own daily blog that throw stones at Mallard.

The Internet knows all and has all

Michael said...

Not quite a pinky this time, anonymous... something's a little off... *holds thumb up against computer screen* -- MY GOD!

Truce Binsley said...

O'Reilly weighs in:

Today, the Mallard Fillmore comic strip featured this business, the duck saying, quote, "Now the mainstream media are picking up left-wing blogs' lies about Bill O'Reilly and running them as facts. Take it from me, Bill, this just means you've arrived."

Yes, but is the destination worth it, Mallard?

Bruce Tinsley, the author of this strip, is a patriot.,2933,302556,00.html

Kaitlyn said...

Truce - that last line sounds like Colbert.