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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Those damned presents

What's Mallard raving about today?

Vietnamese, Gentiles, Bar Mitzvahs.

Mallard's Dissociative Break Week continues.

I have absolutely no idea what to say, except: Has anyone referred to themselves as a "gentile" since, like, 100AD?


Matt Ramone said...

I have to admit this makes no sense whatsoever. I guess I don't read enough from the Economist editorial page.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Gee, Rush's Daddy, I'm sure Tinsley would suggest a nice rack of dog if he were in the right mood...

I see two things about Rush: first, he's sporting half-assed handwritten logos (making him--and Tinny--look even more ridiculous than Mallard did yesterday), and second, he apparently can't lower his arms.

Tinny probably went with "gentile" because he's working up to another round of "can't say Christian because the Liberals will persecute us" figment-of-imagination bawling.

He should suck it up and go for the gold like Ann Coulter did recently, describing Christians* as "Jews, perfected." (Ohhhhhh, Christ wept.)

*yeah, like Ann Coulter understands anything about Christianity at all

MAYBE we're headed into a story arc where Rush sells his soul into Jewish heathenism for some food and presents! Hang on, folks...this could be it. The moment Tinny goes off the deep end never to be seen again!

Michael said...

After a full week of completely insane and mockable Mallard Fillmore cartoons, what a letdown this is. Lame lame lame!

I always enjoy the bicycling references though. After Tinny gets his license back, I wonder if the bicycle cartoons will be replaced by a return of "drunk Kennedy" cartoons.

john said...

"MAYBE we're headed into a story arc where Rush sells his soul into Jewish heathenism for some food and presents!"

I think it is a testament to the spirit of liberalism that you are so charitable as to describe his utterly incoherent jumps from day to day as a "story arc."

Scanman said...

my name is rush and i can't put my arms down!!!!!

Truce Binsley said...

Isn't Rush supposed to be in 3rd grade, which would make him about 8 years old?

Is he really already hoping for a bar mitzvah when he turns 13?

Kaitlyn said...

He had to say Gentiles because Tinz doesn't think there are any Christians in Vietnam. Though 'not Jewish' is what I would say if a family member wanted a bar/bat mitzvah.

Oh, Bart Simpson already did this - in one of the comics.

Kaitlyn said...

I can so see this leading - sometime before 2008 - to a discrimination 'joke'.

Either Rush's crying discrimination will be the joke, or the fact that Jews celebrate different holidays and have their own religious rituals will be.

And who says there are no Vietnamese Jews?

exanonymous said...

What kind of parenting skills give out "nope, sorry, wrong religion" as an answer to Rush's greed? Apparently, if it's a materialistic view taken towards a Jewish holiday, it requires no correction? Bleh.
But commercialism and Christmas require WEEKS of lectures of how it's wrong.

Marion Delgado said...

I hate you, billy the witch doctor. i was gonna reply to the post's "used the word gentile" with "well, of course not, the correct term is perfected Jews ... but noooooo