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Sunday, October 28, 2007

That damned repetition

What's Mallard raving about today?


Shorter Mallard Fillmore: Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah. Blah, blah. Made in China.


exanonymous said...

The comic strip is funny if you imagine Mallard then eating his costume in front of the guy while he screams "But the LEAD!!!".

There's something creepy though about an adult... duck trick-or-treating.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

I know it's giving credit where credit's not due, but if you view this as a parody of jingoistic, anti-foreign hysteria being transfered to impressionable children by idiot adults, then it's freaking hilarious.

I'll say it again: even when Tinny's has a point (and the safety issues with Chinese products is one such case) he fumbles it with his big, gooshy ham-fists.

Michael said...

The important question is, why is that man's groin talking?

Kaitlyn said...

That costume is already scary no matter where it's from!

1 - He's a CLOWN!

2 - I hate masks. 'The Elephant Man' movie poster scares the hell out of me, because you can't see his face. That's also why the KKK are more visually terrifying than Nazis.

And yes, the last real costume I wore was a purple hooded robe with a black mesh screen covering my face. I didn't have to look at myself wearing it.

Which is the problem with this strip - this is inside knowledge, no one else will know (unless he tells them) that his costume was made in China. Also, the threat is to the wearer, not the viewer.

So pfft. I'll be dressed as a lazy college student, watching the History Channel and Law and Order and Game 6 from Fenway IF NECESSARY.

It won't be - the Series will end tonight, another glorious Sox win. In my lifetime!

Kaitlyn said...

My average comment : Mallard iz dum. blah blah blah ooh shiny something never related to Mallard in a million years. Oops, I forgot to tell a joke!

Kaitlyn said...

In Mallard news, what happened to the Jewish World Review archives?

You can still see older ones by typing in dates, but still.

I wanted to go through the whole thing one day out of perverse curiosity.

GeoX said...

That's not Mallard in the costume. Not that that makes it any funnier. Why exactly did he need a full Sunday comic for this "joke?"

12xuser said...

Is this the same Mallard who excoriates "nanny state" liberals for wanting to protect kids from things like lead and flammable clothing?

Kaitlyn said...

Lead MADE-IN-AMERICA does not hurt people, duh.

Recalling American products interferes with capitalism.

So obvious.

Michael said...

If the kid thought that was so scary, why did he buy the costume? He's willing to buy goods made in China so he could make a point of telling people not to buy goods made in China? If some lame ass kid came up to my door and gave me that lecture instead of the standard "trick or treat", I'd pull the mask 6 inches off his face and let it snap back.

I just noticed that the kid's flesh tone is the same white as the mask. Did he powder his face underneath? Now THAT is scary.

Anonymous said...

Of course he doesn't mention the human cost paid in China by the workers making the cheap crap we Americans demand: