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Friday, October 12, 2007

Those damned houses

What's Mallard raving about today?

Reality TV, Holiday Inn Express.

Three things leap to mind:
  1. The housing market is collapsing and there were over 200,000 foreclosures last month. And this is Mallard's real-estate tip?
  2. I'm not sure Mallard understands the concept of flipping a house.
  3. Mallard watches too much TV. Way too much TV.


Michael said...

At least Mallard isn't sitting on his beanbag blob couch, looking depressed and beat down by life again.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Well, if nothing else thank God Tinny's restricting today's stupidity to the inconsequential world of "reality" TV. Tomorrow is another day.

Another pointless waste, another non-joke that's more lettering than artwork, another reason to titter when Tinsley cries about the government taking the money he's "earned" or snivels about other people not doing their job.

jwyorxmp said...

I have no idea what this cartoon means and I am glad.

Matt Ramone said...

I guess Tinsley can't tell the difference between a reality program and a commercial.

NLC said...


Given this morning's news I am hereby taking bets that in approximately 10 days we will be treated to series of "Swedish Evil Sun" strips.

(And, yes, I realize that --unlike the other Nobel prizes-- the Peace Prize is actually awarded in Norway, but I'm taking side bets that BT gets that wrong, as well.)

Finally, I suggest we award BT special bonus points if he manages to work in an I-Invented-Global-Warming "joke".

12xuser said...

Totally don't get it.

And yeah, nlc, "the Nobel committee is a bunch of raving atheistic Euro-Commies" is surely grinding its way toward us.

dlauthor said...

So Tinshley woke up on the couch, snorted, and with pounding head noticed the TV was on HGTV, just cutting from Flip This House* to a Holiday Inn commercial. He scribbled a duck and -- I think it's a human -- on a cocktail napkin, scribbled the first words that came to mind, found a glass of bourbon with only three cigarette butts floating in it, polished it off, and passed out again.

Another day in the exciting life of the right-wing political cartoonist.

*: I'm married, so I have to watch this stuff sometimes. Oh, and these shows are ALWAYS ON.

Michael said...

I predict that a member of the Nobel Committee will be drawn speaking with his eyes closed.

Funny, though, how Gore would be considered an absolute hero in any other country or political climate (not just for global warming, but people forget that he also saved ARPA from the chopping block, which led to the internet). Instead, there are people rushing to discredit him and his award. Including Mallard Fillmore, in 2 weeks.

Kaitlyn said...

2 weeks? You have too much faith in the man/duck.

Halloween, maybe.

Cedar said...

I'm familiar with the show "Flip This House," but this strip makes no sense whatsoever. Could someone explain it to me?

Michael said...

cedar, I think the joke is that the "Flip This House" contestants are total amateurs and mess up the houses they're "flipping". So when you see a house that's been "flipped" on the show, you can assume that it's shoddily put together. I've never seen the show, so I don't know how accurate that is.

Also, mentioning edgy pop culture references like Holiday Inn Express commercials demonstrates how cool Tinsley is!

connection said...

this guy watches too much TV.. and i don't think i'll be taking Real Estate tips from this idiot. oh, it was meant to be a joke? hmm uhh *pats the duck on the head* keep trying little fella

BillyWitchDoctor said...

There's also news about the Federal deficit reaching its lowest point in five years (still preposterously high and a long way from the Clinton surplus), and naturally the remaining Bushies are crowing that it's due to Teh Magic Of Tax Cuts That Generate Revenue!--this is a favorite fantasy of Tinny's, so Evil Sun might have some competition in two weeks' time.

Less certain is Tinny joining the neocon-psycho assault on the family of Graeme Frost for letting the 12-year-old son publicly express an opinion that isn't approved by the hardcore right.

NW said...

Maybe be the joke would have been funny if he mentioned the "To Catch a Predator" house.

Wait, this is Tinsley. No it wouldn't.