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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

That damned Purge

What's Mallard raving about today?

Supermodels, lips.


Does anyone mind if I take the week off?


King Awesome Dawg Man said...

I dident watch this comic yet today but trust me I bet its funny! This duck is allways funny! He tells the TRUTH! And librels cant handle the TRUTH!!

EddyPo said...

Maybe King Awesome should have actually read today's comic strip. It wasn't especially political, but it was especially dumb.

12xuser said...

Alternate punch lines that at least make sense:

You know this one part of me? It weighs more than all of me.

My lips weigh more than my hips.

My lips are bigger than my hips.

My lips weigh more than Mallard Fillmore.

I'm gonna need liposuction on my lips.

Kaitlyn said...

Her lips will haunt me forever.

It is political see, she probably lives in a *blue state*.

And um, only liberals are vain - John Edwards got an expensive haircut.

Case closed.

DaveyK, if you abandon us, I'm not responsible for the carnage.

tbone said...

Does anyone mind if I take the week off?

Sure, why not! It looks like Tinsley already has!

dlauthor said...

"My lips weigh more than Bruce Tinsley's liver."