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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Those damned Humvees

What's Mallard raving about today?

Humvees, Celebrities.

Wow, what a mess of overlapping complaints today's panel is.

First, as far as a setup for a joke goes, finally providing adequate armor for the troops in Iraq is in seriously bad taste. (If that is indeed happening and I don't have time to check the veracity of Mallard's statement.)

Second, by hip-hoppers does he mean Rap artists or just your average urban youth? If he means Rap Artists...why don't they count as celebrities? If not, does Mallard really imaging urban youths are the main drivers of Humvees. Seems like the main drivers are the kids of rich over-indulgent parents and men for whom car size = penis size.

Third, gas-guzzlers? Is that environmentalism creeping in there? Isn't it our duty as Americans to use as much oil as possible, just to prove those damned tree huggers wrong?

Fourth, don't we have enough stuff going on here without confusing the issue with a complaint about Rap lyrics?

Finally, while this comic may appear on the editorial page, that doesn't mean you need to use as much text as an editorial.


Kaitlyn said...

How could you ignore the glory that is that vehicle?

I swear, it reminds me of his cow.

Boompa bommpa boompa boom?

I'm sorry, but that reminds me of the Ask a Mexican book, where he addresses the many types of Mexican music, including the accordion heavy oom-pa-pa (I don't have the book with me!) and this is his way of attacking illegal Mexican immigrants.


Or I need sleep.

I totally saw the Ask A Mexican guy last month, it was sad, there was less than 30 people there, but hey, I got to talk to someone much more famous than I.

rev said...

When you contrast todays mallard with todays doonesbury it really accentuates the overall shoddiness of this strip.

Frankie Machine said...

Did Mallard just tacitly admit that the Pentagon has been providing our troops substandard equipment?
Welcome to crazy American-hating liberal land, Tinsley. Welcome home.
Overall, I like the swords-into-plowshares message of this strip. Had I written this strip, it would have been reversed:
"The BAD news is that our troops have been in a clusterfuck of a war long enough for a new assault vehicle to go through the design, production, and delivery cycle. The GOOD news is that hip-hoppers and celebrities can use that technology to infuriate a drunk right-wing cartoonist."
Man, I wrote that, and I just woke up ten minutes ago. What the hell does Tinsley do the rest of the day?
Don't answer that.

Kaitlyn said...

The duck hurt my eyes and my brain.

I'm against hunting for sport on the grounds that I've been off "hiking" in a spit of woods near my house with a friend and we DID hear a gunshot.

But, please, blast away.

Ryan said...

That is a phat rhyme he laid down though.

Kaitlyn said...

Oh, Ryan, maybe it means we'll see rhyming this month!

Oh, how I miss it.

Anonymous said...

"Got a custom soundsystem that's ear drum busting" -- boy, does that take me back. I remember back in the day me and my friends would go down to the disco and listen to the hip-hoppers. Good times.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

*Monday's strip's finally viewable*

Oh, Tinny, you fumbled again. Why can't kids find Iran on a map? Because pube-lick ed-jew-cay-shun's too busy teaching them at the lowest-common-denominator level (which is Communist), and to hate America! DUH.

Remember kids: Tinny says, you're stupid. You and your Harry Potter. Git offa my lawn!

...Why DO we need to find Iran on a map, Tins? Is Unca George and Unca Dick sendin' us on a trip soon?

Mallard decides to mix things up today by speaking to his boss Mr. Noseworthy rather than directly lecturing the reader. Kudos, Tin-Tin. It lets us see your big-nosed media-controller character again--a little more subtle than your caricature of Jon Stewart, but still obvious.

It's just a little weird to see Mallard and Nose on the same page--literally and figuratively--yet neither one of them smirking.

Kaitlyn said...

BWD - no smirking?

The so-called human's expression at the end hurt my eyes.