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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

That damned campaign

What's Mallard raving about today?

Senator Clinton, Senator Obama.

Come again? Senator Clinton and Senator Obama are responsible for all future negative campaigns?

Besides which, I defy Mallard to point to a moment when either candidate actually claimed unfair treatment because of their gender or race...a lunatic supporter on YouTube does not count.

This entire panel is, to put it mildly, horse shit.


rewinn said...

Mallard forgot:

"Confusing Sunnis and Shiia, confusing Iran and Iraq, mumbling about how safe it is to go shopping ... is just ageist code"

Dave Robidenza said...

They're responsible because they made it possible for such allegations of bias to be raised in the first place, instead of letting the usual bunch of white guys run like they were supposed to.

People different than you can hold positions of power too, Bruce. Get over it.

Michael said...

I wonder what color the clouds are in Tinsley's world.

Celia said...

I get the impression Bruce is one of those people who just says stuff his parents said (and everyone else) and genuinely cannot get it through his thick skull that some of it might be considered offensive. He's probably one of those people that says things like "What's wrong with calling a black man Boy? What if he's young?" because he's too pig-headed to even have begun to notice how those terms have been used throughout history.

Also, that is the absolute limit of what I want to hear on Mallard's opinion of transgendered people. Seriously, I never want to hear it mentioned in any capacity again. Because I know the likely opinion of Tinsley's fursona on the subject is one so dense and obnoxious, I will grind my teeth away to nothing from sheer rage.

exanonymous said...

Anyone else disturbed by the image of a reporter sitting in front of the television?

Seriously, if there are "future" campaigns, couldn't he at least make some effort at working?

Welfare duck?

Celia said...

In the future, Mallard is fired. Even he can see it, although he can't see that that's actually a badly-drawn sewing machine he's listening to. Moonshine will do funny things to a brain.

Connection said...

Pick a gender, we're at war here!