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Monday, June 02, 2008

That damned John McCain

What's Mallard raving about today?

John McCain.

While you may not agree with Mallard about Senator McCain, today's panel basically works...until he tacks that last line onto it: "and fired himself from his campaign."

Mallard apparently doesn't understand that McCain fired the lobbyists running his campaign because they wreak havoc on his image as a "Maverick Outsider" which has nothing to do with anyone being Conservative.

Apparently Mallard can't be Truthful about anyone, Left, Right or Center.


Celia said...

If we look back through the archives, we can eventually find a strip in which Mallard announces Rush Limbaugh taking a place in the Republican party to "show them what a real conservative looks like". I can't remember all the stupidity that's fallen out of Limbaugh's stupid fat face over the years (it's what comes with being foreign and not paying attention) but I gather that Mallard's (Bruce's) opinion is that anyone a bit to the left of Ghengis Khan can be derided for being too liberal.

rewinn said...

I loooove the whole "John McCain is not a conservative" theme.

Does it mean Mallard and his ilk think McCain's a liberal like Teddy Kennedy?

Or does it mean that they've figuring out that they've been totally fooled and bamboozled by the corporatists who ripped them and all our great nation totally freakin' off?

Or does it mean that their free-floating anger can no longer be sated by hating only Democrats, women and people with dark skin around the world; the rabid dogs of the right are turning to chew on the legs of their masters?

Stay tuned for the further adventures!

Michael said...

Did I miss the news that McCain spontaneously developed Down syndrome?

dlauthor said...

Rewinn --

It means that McCain has, occasionally, cooperated with a Democrat who wasn't Joe Lieberman. For the likes of Tinshley, this cannot be endured.

Randall said...

dlauthor -- well, yah, you're right about that.

Tinsley and his ilk are constitutionally unable to see that McCain is remarkably consistent in his philosophy, which is whatever is good for big business is good for him. Sometimes that means working with what Tinsley called "liberals".

Really, Tinsley's problem is trying to fit a multi-dimensional political world into a simple right-to-left line. No wonder he goes crazy.

John said...


If Tinsley wants to cast Rush Limbaugh as the face of conservatism, that's fine by me.