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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

That damned legislation

What's Mallard raving about today?

Jupiter, Polar Bears, Global Warming

Speaking for the polar bears, that's a good thing, considering that the lack of an Oxygen atmosphere on Jupiter would (among other things) kill the bears.


Starshark said...

It's a good thing that the strip mentions Jupiter because otherwise there'd be no way to tell what the hell Tinsley just drew.

dlauthor said...

It's honestly not that hard to draw Jupiter well, even if you can't draw, say, Barack Obama or a duck. Tinshley's lack of talent is getting downright embarrassing; if I had to share a comics page with him, I'd be complaining to my syndicate daily that I was in the company of such a talentless hack.

Can't wait to see what "alternate" views Anonybruce expresses today. I mean, besides "waaaaah, you guys are mean with your facts and rational thought and things!"

Kaitlyn said...

Every time I see the word Jupiter I keep thinking "girls go to mars to get more candy bars, boys go to jupiter to get more stupider."

Hee, I'm immature.

So who is he making fun of now? Doesn't he have a sentence from something that appeared in a magazine or newspaper that proves that the polar bear population is exploding or something.

Starshark said...

Yeah, that was Tinsley comparing the near-extinction of the polar bears in the 60's to their not-quite-as-near-extinction of today. From this logic we can assume that he'll do a cartoon which points out that three billion years from now the Sun's going to swallow the Earth as it explodes, and then it'll be really hot, so we've got no cause to complain now.

exanonymous said...

Jupiter contracts and the resulting adiabatic process also heats the planet. In order for evil sun to affect Jupiter, one must prove that there is a higher energy output from the sun and that this process and the storms have remained constant in their energy output

I wonder what polar bears sound like on helium while flatter than a rug?

rewinn said...

It's honestly not that hard to draw Jupiter

Not for Tinsley.... Jupiter has no penischin.

Bryce Baker said...

I take it this is Mallard's best attempt at making a joke? Still not sure

GeoX said...

"girls go to mars to get more candy bars, boys go to jupiter to get more stupider."

Ha ha--the version I remember goes "the girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider/the boys go to Uranus to get more famous." Or, alternatively, "to Mars to get cool cars." But that's less fetchingly agrammatical.

factinista said...

Maybe he'll come up with a joke involving the Great Red Spot being caused by global warming.

Who am I kidding? That would require effort.

Dave Robidenza said...

I've learned not to call any Tinsley cartoon the worst ever because he'll wind up topping himself, but the combination of abysmal artwork (How freaking hard is it to draw one big circle, draw a small circle on it and add a few horizontal lines?) and a joke that wouldn't be funny even if it wasn't echoing right-wing talking points definitely puts this cartoon travesty in the Top 10.