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Thursday, June 26, 2008

That damned Grammar

What's Mallard raving about today?

Grammar, Democrats.

First, I do not believe for one second Mallard's fantasy about receiving thousands hundreds of emails about the use of the phrase "none is." A little too self-aggrandizing, wouldn't you say?

Second, Mallard's math only holds true if you totally disenfranchise everyone in caucus states and assume Senator Obama would receive no votes at all in Michigan (where his name was not on the ballot). In other words, it requires a level of empty-headedness that can only come from a steady diet of self-reinforcing propaganda: Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Hannity, & Fox "News".

Finally, the winner of the Democratic Primary will be the next President of the United States, so you may keep your concern over the process, we'll keep Barack Obama.


exanonymous said...

Wow, hundreds of people email Bruce just to complain about Mallard Fillmore's grammar?

Now I feel lazy.

factinista said...

I find his claim dubious because he says he has "hundreds" of readers.

Heck, I doubt he has fifty.

Neo Tuxedo said...

...up until now, no matter how despicable, twisted and carcinogenic were the things he said about the Democrats, at least he didn't use "Democrat" as an adjective.

12xuser said...

Has he ever actually said "none is" in the strip?

And I'm pretty sure "Democrat-primary" is incorrect usage.

Anthony said...

Does he really, reaaaaaly want to start up about a presidential election where the will of the majority was ignored? Because I can think of a much better example.

Also... taking on faith the idea that hundreds of people emailed Mallard about grammar: wouldn't the only people who would do that be whatever regular readers he has. Which means that he's decided to dismiss his actual fan base. Lesson learned: Mallard hates everyone.

Celia said...

He has also written something about the correct pronunciation of "forte". Which is, apparently, that it should be pronounced "fort". I believe the modern view is that both are acceptable, but Mallard doesn't like the modern view, as we know.

And I think he's saying "hundreds" in the same way small children might say "a million billion zillion drillion" - to mean "lots".

rewinn said...

It's no use analyzing this strip analytically. Tinsley, like his hero George W Bush, thinks with his "gut".

That is to say, he blurts out whatever he wants, without all that messy "thinking".

This has two advantages:

* First, there are always some people who applaud. Some of them don't like thinking either; others need him to accomplish other goals (think Cheney). Thus the crazier the thing Tinsleybush says ... the farther from any sort of reality ... the more it demonstrates his power.

*On the other hand, those who point out that Tinsleybush is talking crazy give him the chance to feel rage. Huge, vast, solid simplistic rage is an emotion that many drunks actually enjoy.

Bryce Baker said...

Didn't Barack clinch the nom a couple weeks ago? This is the most lazy/stupid comic ever

Anonymous said...

You hand in there sunshine!

luke said...

I don't remember ever seeing the phrase in the strip either, but "none is" can be wrong depending on context. I would imagine that anyone obsessive enough to email him about it would have to be sure.

But I still like the point Mallard is apparently trying to make here, which is: my fans are morons.

Matt Ramone said...

Tinzanonymous' comment makes no sense. Guess Bruce has been hitting the bottle pretty early.

rewinn said...

matt ramone: maybe it's just a typo for:

"you hang in there sunshine!" (as in "keep it up!)

"you hang in their sunshine!" (as in "you bask in their sunny radiance!")

"your hand in there, sunshine!" (as in "stick your paw in mine, my cheerful friend!")

exanonymous said...

Now now, Rewinn, we all know the proper, mature response to a continuing insult is "I know you are but what am I?"
Followed by the grittier
"Your momma"
And finally topped by that ultimate in insults "you suck!"

Incidently, I vote typo #2!

john said...

Mallard is really defending his grammar? Seriously? The guy who can barely write a coherent english sentence without all sorts of unnecessary ellipses and quotation marks? That guy?