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Monday, June 23, 2008

That damned Sequel

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Seventies, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter

The Mallard Fillmore empty-headed echo chamber is right on schedule.

Good luck winning the general election with the President Carter comparison against a President Bush comparison.

Still, I like the fact that Mallard labeled Barack Obama for us. Apparently even he is not entirely satisfied with his drawing capabilities.


Bill the SPlut said...

What's with this "Obama is the next Carter" talking point? How are they alike? They both smile a lot?

Oh, that's right--if they called him "The Next Bill Clinton," people would say "Hey, those were 8 pretty good years!" So they compare to a guy from 30 years ago whose term most people don't remember.

dlauthor said...

What disaster movies? Cloverfield is a monster movie. The Happening is an ersatz-Twilight Zone wank. Not nearly enough people died in Sex and the City.

I can't think of anything else that would even vaguely come close. Or is Tinshley so deranged from dipsomania that he thinks that footage of Iowa, Illinois, and on down the line is a movie instead of real life?

Also, the "ugly clothes" thing is downright weird. I suppose compared to a rumpled tweed sport coat and no pants, anything seems ugly, but is there anything about clothes today that's uglier than in 1986? 1993? 2004?

Another way it's like the '70s: Bruce's wife refused to sleep with him then, too.

Anonymous said...

This comparison might have scared some people pre-Bush II, but right now Jimmy Carter looks like Pericles and Washington rolled into one. His heroic commitment to telling the truth even when it hurts (as in Israel) is a trait sorely lacking in almost all politicos.

Monkeypants said...

Oh my god no, not Jimmy Carter! He's history's greatest monster...

If you'll note, it's not disaster movies Mallard refers to, but "disaster movies", thus opening the door for every awful piece of crap from "The Love Guru" to "Mallard Filmore: The Movie!"

Because if you add quotes around it, it no longer has to make any "sense."

GeoX said...

Where does this nutty comparison come from? Is there ANY basis for it, or is it just a matter of "holy shit this Obama guy scares us; let's pretend he's like a weak Democratic president?" One thing is true, however: unlike the current psychopath in the White House, and unlike the great majority of Presidents, both Carter and Obama are serious, devout Christians. That make ya nervous, does it Tinney?

Joe Sixpack said...

You liberals don't know anything! Carter was a terrible president because gas prices were really high under him, and he was in charge of an inept foray into the Middle East where dozens of people were killed and the US looked bad.

Any president with all THAT happening on his watch would have to be one of the worst ever. Booze Tinsley would never support anyone like that.

Joe Sixpack said...

Also, the best way to choose a president is to vote for the one you would rather have a beer with. Not some snobby ELITE!

Scanman said...

That's the worst caricature of George W Bush I've seen yet.

Celia said...

Jimmy Carter was the last adorable president :3

Also, as bill the splut says, there are probably a significant number of people of voting age - people of about forty years old or younger - to whom a comparison of Barack Obama to Jimmy Carter means little to nothing. In fact, many of them will be thinking of the seventies in the same way that people of Bruce's age or so think of the fifties - "it was awesome, I had a tricycle!" And even some of the people who will remember what Carter was like as a president will say "could be worse". I mean, some people voted for him in 1980, it's not as if he had no supporters.