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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Those damned pigeons

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, Pigeons.

Because "bitter" is a word that one would never apply to Mallard.

Hey Mallard, you know who plays acoustic guitar? Elitists...and Hippies.


exanonymous said...

Oh, the irony!

The duck proves Obama was right. It's difficult for a bitter person to hide being bitter once they've been called bitter because they have a tendency to be bitter about it for a bitterly long time.

Betty bought a bit of bitter butter or something like that.

john said...

Mallard sucks.

12xuser said...

Mallard better watch out, because in the comics the pigeons shoot back.

dlauthor said...

Someone better call the newspaper offices at Shoe and warn them that a deranged homicidal duck is heading their way.

Seriously, Tinz: HE'S A BIRD. And you've got him threatening to shoot other birds. This is like in Pluggers when the anthromorphic animals keeps dogs on leashes and eat chicken dinners. Only less well-drawn.

rewinn said...

Did Mallard just use "Muse" as a noun?

That's very elitist of him!

P.S. dlauthor: a Shoe and Pluggers mash-up might be kinda funny, if the story was their banding together to defend the animal comics world from the bitter, pigeon-shooting Mallard.

Celia said...

"Grr...bastard called me bitter. Who's he think he is? Imma get my gun, show guys like him who's boss."

People acting all bitter about being called bitter is magnificent - although I'm now reminded of parental arguments with one snapping at the other "I'm not getting irritable!" Which was kind of sad at the time.

Bryce Baker said...

he's either too bitter or too elitist himself since he can only draw a guitar with 3 strings. Or he's just a shit artist

luke said...

Mallard: You are a duck. The people you support have devoted a season to killing you.