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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Those damned speeches

What's Mallard raving about today?

Universities, Speeches.

The most horrifying thing? Mallard fantasizes about being invited to speak at graduations.


factinista said...

Mallard's just describing what he does in his comic every day. And apparently he thinks his usual outfit is "dressing nice?" Wow.

Kaitlyn said...

Mallard is dressed nice - he's wearing the hat!

Plus, you know kids these days, we never dress nice, not even to our own graduation!

And most speeches are boring boring boring, especially at graduations.

As for his speech, he's cutting through liberal BS by telling us what Barack Obama is really saying in his speeches.

Because Obama is the first and only candidate to use soundbites!

And no one likes soundbites! Because our national attention span is soooooooooo long, we don't want attack ads saying we'll all die, we want the issues, dammit.

And if Tinz believes that, he has lost it.

NW said...

Not related to the comic directly, but I'd like to thank whomever alerted us of the Mallard Fillmore Something Awful thread that I spent most of Memorial Day week reading. It was hilarious.

rewinn said...

The "Yes You Can" in the last panel makes it clear Mallard is attacking Obama.

The issue in this election must be:

* Clothing: Obama dresses too nicely for a black man. McCain dresses well too, thanks to his $100 million dollars, but we expect that from a rich white guy.

* The Ability to Talk: Obama doesn't stumble, bumble and fart like Bush and McCain. For some reason, that's bad.

* Substance: Mallard's asserting that Obama's speeches have no substance. That's factually incorrect but so what? the GOP strategy is to repeat it over and over so it becomes conventional wisdom (...while McCain meanwhile attacks the specifics of Obama's proposals on, e.g. Iraq and health care.)

One can disagree on the specifics of the proposals, but to say that they don't exist is Soviet-Style propaganda.

Celia said...

It's true if you say it enough.

12xuser said...

So, which catchphrase do you choose, "Yes, I can" or "Bomb Iran"?

exanonymous said...

It's supposed to be humorous I guess, but you know what?

That's just how graduations are. Skip it if you're bored. Long speeches and boring ceremony is a part of human life. It isn't exclusively found with universities or liberals, I know plenty of boring old long-winded conservatives.

rewinn said...

Long speeches and boring ceremony is a part of human life.

What d'ya wanna bet that Mallard spends the next week "giving" the graduation speech?

It would be an amusing plot device, which is why I doubt it'll happen. But let's see .....