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Friday, August 07, 2009

That damned regimentation

What's Mallard raving about today?


Mallard Fillmore: Repetition does not help in learning or education.

Explains quite a lot, really.


Factinista said...

I'm starting to think that it's not standards of education Tinsley hates, but education itself. Which actually makes a lot of sense.

Michael said...

Tinsley didn't have a problem repeating something eight times when he ran those godawful Michael Jackson strips last week.

GeoX said...

Ouch, Michael. That one drew blood.

Tog said...

How nice that Rush says, "with all due respect" to his father. It speaks to good upbringing, with plenty of old-fashioned belt whippings and cigarette burns to make sure the little bastard knows his place (smiling beatifically while lounging on the floor at Mallard/Tin's feet). But he still knows to resist those socialist outsiders in the public education system!! They mean him nothing but harm!!

Oh, and I pegged it yesterday. For my next astounding predictions: the sun will rise tomorrow, and at some point, it will be three o'clock.

dlauthor said...

Which grade did Tinshley have to repeat eight times?

Or am I wrong to use the singular there?

rewinn said...

Does Mallard's Token Minority family send their son to a public school, which suggests Tinshley supports public schools, or a private school, which suggests Tinshley opposes public schools but thinks they are deadly dull?

P.S. where is Mrs. Token Minority? or is this a single parent family, possibly headed by a gay man?

Not that there's anything WRONG with that!

dlauthor said...

Good point, rewinn. I thought, to Tinshley's kind, it took a man and a woman to raise a child.

Although, since he's married to a liberal*, perhaps Brucie is engaging in some projection by removing mom from the equation for L'il Rush.

* My fingers always spasm when I write that, as if they're trying to say, "no shit, really?"

PS: Hey, Xanon! Sotomayor's still a supreme court justice!

Frank Stone said...

Ah, yes, tedious repetition for the purpose of rote memorization -- a.k.a. "teaching to the test". Brought to you by the Bush administration's "education" policies (but I can't wait for Brucie to explain to us how it's all Obama's fault).

Ducky is right said...

Ducky is right. Public education should involve more rocket skis and pyrotechnics and strippers dancing on the fucking bus.

Gosh, I'm SO sorry your childhood wasn't filled with constant entertainment stimulation, Ducks. That's how life is: some times it's just just fucking boring. Most of us realized this, moved on, and grew into adults, but I guess you never got passed it, did you?

Anonymous said...

Obama Says He's Rescued Economy from Catastrophe.
You are the catastrophe, Obama! Unemployment is at 9.4%.

Why Seniors Should Fear Obamacare.
It's about so much more than denying care to the elderly. It's about government control over every aspect of our lives from birth (if they allow it) to death (when they decide you're ready).

CW in LA said...

I see Anonytroll is still marching in reich-wing lockstep with his assigned talking points, now spouting the same complete lies that have already been repeatedly debunked.

I'd ask Anonytroll if he at last has no shame nor common decency, but clearly he does not.

So: Hey, Anonymous right-winger: Fuck you with a glass-encrusted two-by-four.

Tog said...

Sure, anonycoward, sure. It's Obama's fault that CheneyCo wrecked the economy to line its own pocket. You pathetic little screwtard. (It's also Clinton's fault that the surplus didn't pay for everything like Bush promised it would.)

Bush sits on his ass waiting for orders as America is attacked by terrorists, as he was forewarned: "Wah! Not his fault! He's only been in office eight months!!"

Obama puts the brakes on the economy's downdrain spiraling: "Unemployment's at 9.4%! Catastrophe!!"

Surely you can troll harder than that.

Ducky is Right said...

Everything from 2000-2008 was Clinton's fault, because he was such an awful President. Everything in the last 6 months is Obama's fault, because he's the President.

It must be nice to be a right winger, and be able to lie to yourself with such ease.

GeoX said...

They're political nihilists. It's not that their bullshit is all lies (although it is); it's that the truth value simply isn't relevant to them. The two goals--more or less equally important--are 1. Gain power; and, 2. Piss off "liberals." If they can accomplish these goals, they truly do not care if the country goes to hell. Notice how gleeful they are whenever they're babbling about unemployment rates? They're actually fucking thrilled at the prospect of people being out of work, as long as they can blame it on Obama. The actual lives effected are meaningless to them.

And let's not even get into the sick irony that very few of them are actually in an economic class that reaps short-term benefits from the slash-and-burn capitalism that they advocate. I've often thought lately that psychopathy must be drastically under-diagnosed in this country.

Iron Dragon said...

The really peculiar part about this is that a lot of the reason why we have such focus on repetition and rote memorization is a combination of the apparent necessity of standardized tests and the failure of those in power to be willing to try to honestly study and try to reformat the educational system to focus more on cognitive development and understanding instead of memorization.

The thing here is that Tinny actually makes a decent point, but then shits all over said point in other comics where he argues that teachers trying new things, discussion groups, movies that are designed to try to make the subject more entertaining, etc. as lazy or incompetant.