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Friday, August 28, 2009

Those damned Protesters

What's Mallard raving about today?

Health Care, Protesters

And now you have Mobs of useful idiots armed with lies that a 6-year old would find incredible, organized by Insurance Corporations, Fox, and the Republican Party.

What's your point?


Michael said...

The crazies shouting about Nazis are more legitimate than Vietnam protesters and the civil rights movement. Thanks, Larry from the Three Stooges.

GeoX said...

Yeah, get with the picture, GRAMPAW! Sure, when YOU were young, back in, like the Jurassic Period, protesters were all either dirty fucking hippies or Those People, but TODAY, they're all super-cool middle-class people with horrific cases of Stockholm Syndrome! Get with the times, you old fossil!

Tog said...

"...Folks burning down the inner cities!!"

Tin is nothing if not subtle, hah? Talk about a "useful idiot."

The differences between thos "folks" and the standard-issue border-guarding or arsenal-stockpiling militia wahoos? One: legitimate beefs completely ignored by a smug establishment; two: the guts to openly act upon those concerns in person (as opposed to remotely detonating a fertilizer bomb in a federal building, going out in a group to harass immigrants, or getting on TV and yammering about "aiming for the head" in regards to officers of the law).

Tog said...

Those folks. Not "thos." Dammit.

Oh, hey, and spoiled rich kids? Say, perhaps, spoiled rich kids who avoided military service in a time of war?

Yeah, Tin, you really shouldn't go there.

NLC said...

Hmmm, interesting....

Why is it when Tinsley and his ilk bring up "The Good Old Days" they almost always mean "Times that Never Really Existed"?

Iron Dragon said...

I have tried very, very hard to be rational in my comments of this comic. I try to avoid accusations of racism or the like, I recognize that in some cases a person might not intend anything offensive by their actions.

This, however, honestly has me disgusted. How dare he try to compare the people who marched to end an unjust war (among these marchers were veterans) who marched for equal rights, who faced fire hoses, attack dogs, who faced very real violence and police brutality to people who come into peaceable meetings to shout them down in an effort to disrupt them, who compare Obama to Hitler because he *gasp* wants us to have affordable health insurance rather than being the least among the first world nations. These people bring weapons to these meetings in effort to intimidate and scare, and he dares, DARES compare them favorably to people who honestly risked themselves against a society that violently opposed equality.

dlauthor said...

Nice scare-quotes around "inner cities," Tinz. It must kill you not to be able to use the actual n-word in your strip. It's all because that dastardly mulatto in the White House made everything racist, right?

Also, we should not neglect to mention the fact that Drinky McTalkingpoints is furthering the idiotic lie that it was only rich dilettantes became dirty, dirty protesting hippies. Presumably because decent, honest, middle-class and poor folk were too busy polishing their assault rifles and rubbing themselves all over with the flag, or something.

Now on with the Coward and his parade of irrelevant and non-supportive links.

Kip W said...

Pointing out someone else's racism is intolerant! For shame, you anti-racist brutes!

Good old days, eh? Otto Bettmann (of the Archive) put out a most instructive little volume called The Good Old Days: They Were Terrible that goes into uncomfortable detail on those wonderful times that today's "conservatives" think were a dreamlike idyll we should aspire to -- not the 1950s, but the 19th and early 20th centuries, when manufacturers sold crap that was unimaginable to today's consumers: toxic food, inflammable buildings, and worse. Sanitation was a joke. And this is what they want to "conserve" -- to bring us back to a time when a few rich people had it soft and everybody else more or less got to eat shit and die.

For some reason, Tinsley's made a career being an idiot who's useful to the ones who want a return to that golden age. I guess it won't matter to him as long as he can insulate himself from reality.

rewinn said...

Let's be fair ... there WERE people who brought guns to peace demonstrations. But does Tinkley REALLY want to align himself with the killers at Kent State?

dlauthor said...

You know, rewinn, I think he does. You can imagine what he would have drawn if he'd been around (and not completely hammered) back then.

At least I imagined it. Now I'm off to scrub my frontal lobe with a wire brush.

HT said...

Ah, classic Republican propaganda. Trying to compare protests of pointless and savage wars waged for money and the struggles of oppressed minorities to get basic civil rights to people shouting "Nazi Socialism ate my grammy's baby" because they were told to by Rush Limbaugh.

I know there are annoying liberal protesters too -coughPETAcough-, but to try and soften this madness by saying "liberals are worse" is just impractical and plain stupid.

I mean, come on. I can guarantee you that for every "middle class American" protester out there on this debate, there are at least 10 ignorant shitheads that are so spoiled rich that they were never at a point where they had to choose between a medication or having food to eat. I will also bet that a large number of those "middle class American" protesters are people that didn't even care about politics until Glenn Beck had a shitfit over a black president.

Frank Stone said...

Evidently Tipsy was asleep during the Bushbaby administration, when GENUINE middle-class protestors were out in force expressing their outrage over President Cowboy's war of choice in Iraq and all the legal, ethical, and moral baggage that came with it.

Oh, and Brucie -- you forgot to put the word "black" in front of the word "folks". But that's OK -- I think we all know what you meant.

Tog said...

Side note: Political Rivals Unite At Kennedy Memorial

Sure, next week it'll be back to death panels, birthers, and the GOP talking about "a great white hope," but in the meantime enjoy that gargling sound you hear.

It's Bruce Tinsley strangling on his own bile.

dlauthor said...

It's Bruce Tinsley strangling on his own bile.

Oh, he does that every Friday night. He's just doing it before closing time this week.

Ducky is Right said...

Ducky apparently believes that the 60's happened in 1932, which explains the 90 year old hippie.

Only in America would "hey, let's give everyone access to medical care" be met with screams of "HITLER COMMUNIST ANTI-AMERICAN!! WHERE'S MY GUN?!?!" If this shit was happening in South America, NATO would send in peacekeepers.

Seriously, rest of the world; the position of world leader is sitting right there. Take it. Who's going to stop you? We're to busy making sure sick people don't get better (that would cost money that we desperately need to buy air superiority fighters to beat an enemy that doesn't exist) and sending 1% of the population to jail (we're hoping criminals will stop being bad once we hit 2%. TOUGH ON CRIME, YEEHAW!). Fuck, you could prolly just annex Hawaii if you distract us with some more shiny pirates, or a really good reality show.

Anonymous said...


"Nazi Socialism ate my grammy's baby"?! But grammy's babies are mommy and/or daddy! The Nazi socialists want to stop decent, socialism-hating, average, assault rifle-wielding middle class Americans from being born!