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Monday, August 17, 2009

That damned Grammar

What's Mallard raving about today?


I was hoping a new week would bring relief for this dead horse, but all hopes were dashed.

Definitely another entrant for Most Interminable Series in 2009.


Michael said...

Great! Maybe Li'l Rush will grow up to be a cartoon editor, correcting bad grammar such as this, this, and this.

Factinista said...

If the teacher's teaching something other than grammar, then yeah, correcting them is obnoxious and condescending. Naturally, with these being qualities that Tinsley admires, he sees nothing wrong with that.

Iron Dragon said...

I can see some humor in this, akin to the 'kilometer longer than a mile' joke that probably everyone on the internet has seen. That being said, I am guessing this is more Tinsely trying to either paint schools as horrible authoritarian slave farms for children, or at incompetent teachers who don't use proper grammar (possibly both).

PRiverside said...

After the stupid "metal detector" strip the other day, you'd think he'd run out of dead horses to beat. But this is the Tinz, he never disappoints.

Rootbeer said...

"To get ready for school starting next week, you could work ahead...."

Improper use of ellipses. Awkward use of the infinitive.

"Get something done that you know you'll have to do later anyway...."

Sentence fragment. Repeated improper use of ellipses. Interminable adverb chain.

C minus.

Celia said...

I wonder how he feels about people correcting the scansion on the occasion when he makes an inept stab at poetry. He is one of an apparently vast number of idiots who thinks that four lines, with the last word of each line fitting to a rhyme scheme, is sufficient for a comic poem. It isn't. Mind you, I'm probably just like those mean old teachers that stifled his fledgling creativity as a boy, what with all that "telling him how to do things properly" stuff.

rewinn said...

Today's "comic" could have been marginally funny, if it hadn't been buried in a midden heap o' "school sucks" strips.

This is why authors have editors: to trim the fat, leave the funny.

In my experience, know-it-all alcoholics and/or reichwingers are the most arrogant people you can find; once they decide that the sky they are emotionally unable to admit that it's actually blue. It's more important that they feel in control than admit the truth. So I doubt Tinkley would let an editor touch his "comic" ... every work is a masterpiece, every week requires 80-90 hours of research!

P.S. when are we getting the "Death Panel" strips???

rewinn said...

P.S. I meant to write

...once they decide that the sky is green, they are emotionally unable to admit that it's actually blue..."

Hey, I screwed up!

Admitting it ... did NOT hurt!

Jazzbumpa said...

What rewinn said:

It's more important that they feel in control than admit the truth.

Truth is as nothing compared to rightwing ideology. Which, by the way, included a huge dose of contempt for teachers.

GeoX said...

Yes, teachers make kids do the "write this one hundred times" thing ALL THE TIME. This week's ninety hours of research: watching the intro to a Simpsons episode. Ka-ching!

Violet said...

Dad: I'm replicating your school's environment here at home to get you ready for the school year.

Kid: Yeah, I know, Dad! I get it! Seriously, are you saying that when I get to school the teacher is going to go over the same pointless, mind-numbingly tedious exposition of why we're there and what we're supposed to be doing every day till the end of time?

Dad: Um...yes?

Hibryd said...

P.S. when are we getting the "Death Panel" strips???

Palin dropped that little turd back on the 7th, so maybe this Friday we'll see some long-haired hippie taking an ax to senior citizens.

I, for one, can't wait for the Mallard comic where someone old enough to be on Medicare worries about the dangers of "socialized" government-paid health care.

fuckreagan said...

"To get ready for school starting next week, you could work ahead...."

Sentence Structure: Learn how it works, or go to Hell!

fuckreagan said...

Parenthetical statements, also, should be flanked with commas , "school, starting next week, you..."

Tinsley should not complain about grammar, until he learns to write at a better than sixth grade level.