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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

That damned Complaint

What's Mallard raving about today?

Not sure, because I am on a plane.

Have fun in the comments and we'll see you tomorrow.


Factinista said...

Zero Tolerance isn't preemptive. Is Mallard even paying attention to what he says, or is he just throwing phrases he hates into comics?

And does Dave really have to remind Rush what he's doing every single day?

Michael said...

Way to accidentally draw a thought bubble, Bruce. Now Dave is just standing there with his mouth agape, leaving Rush to wonder if he has narcolepsy.

GeoX said...

I don't think it's accidental. True, it makes him look kind of crazy, but it's how Tinsley often does his alleged punchlines. It really just indicates that he has absolutely no investment in his own work.

Ducky is Right said...

Christ, shut up shut up shut up shut up! Petty little worm!

Hey, if Foreign Dad has such disdain for the American Education system, then why the fuck did he BRING HIS KID HERE.
Stay home and teach your own damn kid, buddy. Have fun knowing you raised a little mal-social, entitled feeb.

ian said...

Zero Tolerance is reactionary, not liberal, therefor this must be a curmudgeon and not a old republican strip. an other possibility is that it is mpart of operation "blame everything bad on liberals.

wv: nurts, sounds like a tame swear word "aw nurts

PRiverside said...

I usually feel like throwing my sneakers after reading Mallard, so this is just a premptive strike on his part.

Tog said...

Tin's the one with a zero-tolerance policy toward common sense. Not to mention reality.


Anonymous said...

Zero tolerance can be idiotic, so I WOULD agree with Tinsley here if only I didn't realize that he probably thinks its wrong that kids can't carry concealed firearms to school to protect themselves from "threats", aka minorities.

12xuser said...

Zero tolerance is stupid, a way to make decisions without having to think about them, but it should be contrasted not with common sense, but with reason.

"Common sense" is as stupid as zero tolerance. After all, "common sense" says the world is flat.

Bill the Splut said...

Not only is Dad thinking with his mouth open, in the only panel with a word balloon, he has no mouth.

I suppose that when you do 80 to 90 hours a week in "research," you have no time left for actual "drawing" or coming up with a "joke."

rewinn said...

Y'all missing the POINT here.

The thought bubble is coming from Token Guy's GUT!

He thinks with his gut, not with his brain, therefore the thought bubble is correctly drawn!

The neo-facist policy of Zero Tolerance ("Do not Think! Just OBEY!") would be a worthy topic of discussion if Tinkley were any good at his craft and could lay aside his anti-education ideology for a moment. But in the spirit of being positive, let me highly recommend the insightful and well-done discussion of Zero Tolerance on "This is True"'s Zero Tolerance Page.

Anonymous said...

Also, Zero-tolerance is VERY preemptive, seeing as how officials will confiscate alleged weapons BEFORE they are used as weapons.

Bill the Splut said...

Remember the last time Dullard Failmore complained about Z-T? He was upset that a kid couldn't bring a KNIFE to school. I think Z-T is ridiculous too, but seriously, one should probably draw the line at bayonets.

Sneakers, knives, he can't see the difference. "My diorama is of a pipe bombing!" That'd be just fine with him. Of course, the knife was only "4 inches long." He probably reasons, "Why would anybody be afraid of my erect wiener?"

Tog said...

@Bill the Splut: I like how Tin carefully covers his ass by having School Administrator Pointyhead* set the standard as an epidemic of steak knife attacks. Take away one of those keywords and it all falls apart.

Tin is, after all, the dick who constantly promotes home and private schooling. What sort of policy on knives does he think a private school has? Four inches or shorter?

*You liberals and your name-calling! I'm making a list!! And I'm gonna show it to Mommy!!

HT said...

I never got why conservatives associated "zero tolerance" with "liberal". Sure, Tinsley, you won't be tolerated saying that "chink" got your order wrong due to the liberal man "keeping you down", but I always thought ZT was a very apolitical issue.

It is the same with censorship and tolerance of hurtful religious beliefs. Sure, Hilary C. is a bitch with things like video game censorship, but hell, I see just as many (if not more) conservatives getting up in arms over sex in the media and tolerating hate-speech (at least when Jesus tells you it is okay) than liberals any day of the week.

I guess liberals are more sensitive over violence a little bit, but again, it's a pretty apolitical issue.