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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Those damned administrators

What's Mallard raving about today?

Steak knives, School Administrators.

Nothing like taking a single isolated incident and blowing it up into some sort of trend to make whatever point you want to make, is there?

Beside, you're missing the obvious point. If other kids had the ability to carry concealed steak knives, this kind of thing would not be a problem.

Note: It's just Mallard's luck that a Google search for this incident turns up a news story with a link at the bottom to a different story in which a 7-year-old girl was accused of threatening someone with a knife.


factinista said...

Why on earth is his head shaped like that? Is having your head shaped like a raindrop supposed to signify something?

And even if the little girl wasn't going to attack anyone, someone else could easily take the knife and use it, so yes, zero tolerance is a good idea when it comes to potential murder weapons.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Wow, the pointy skull's such a subtle touch, Tinny.

Naturally, Tinny uses a cute little white girl to deflate objections to concealed knives in schools.

...Ah, but bring up Sihks and ceremonial daggers, and Tinny's side of the aisle goes bats**t. (Warning: link to amusing-or-sad but relatively toothless and untrafficked fear-hate site. Google the keywords instead if you like; there's plenty of other options.)

Tinsley usually has a bug up his butt about people who ignore the rules (except when they're rules he himself doesn't like la la la); what does he suppose "zero tolerance" means, either to him or to parents of schoolchildren?

What other prohibited items should kids be able to bring to school if they feel like it? Your guys are the ones keeping us under Orange Alert, Tinny. What's okay, what's "okay if you're white," and what gets you sent to Gitmo?

john said...

He presumably doesn't agree with the logic in the last panel, yet I'm sure Tinsley would support the idea that since we've had no terrorist attacks in the US since 9/11, the Bush administration's policies are working.

ian said...

zero tolerance policies has also been the issue on king of the hill and mentioned before in this strip. since both times the complainer has been a republican i wonder if they could blame it on teh liberals

ian said...

also i wonder if he would ever do "that damned culture of fear" and blame it on the media

confused said...

I feel dirty -- I think I agree with something Tinny is saying... I need a drink... D'oh!

Zero tolerance is a way for administrators to avoid thinking. Want to ban all "weapons", well, beyond steak knives, we need to get all rocks, scissors, and baseball bats out of schools. I hear a book can give a nasty paper cut. For another look at ZT, this says it better than I.

And I disagree about the adminstration stopping terrorism -- we haven't had an attack (on US soil) since I got my black mailbox. You're all welcome.

Now, I'm going to Tinny Detox. California here I come!

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Don't worry, Confused; Tinny's all over the place this week--just look at his celebrities-in-California strip and ask yourself what is the point Tinny's trying to make--so at some point, he's going to land on the same page as you.

There's a real simple criteria for the Zero Tolerance issue: some things don't have any business in a damn school. Bats, scissors, and even rocks do--guns and knives, not so much. Never mind common sense (*snort*); assuming parents and students are informed of the rule, cut the meat at home and leave the knife at home. (It's not like the little girl was sentenced to prison.)

I'm afraid have to take issue with your "if we can't control everything, we can't control anything" approach. Once little girls start bringing knives to school, everyone will feel (correctly) that they're entitled to do so.

I'm sure you already understand where I'm going with that.

dlauthor said...

What's worse, someday they'll take a little white girl's knife away when she tries to take it on a plane. I can't wait for Tinshley's howls of persecution because they should only be confiscating brown people's weapons at the airport, too.

Bill the Splut said...

I think ZT is ridiculous, too. There was an elementary school boy who was suspended for pointing a chicken finger at another kid and saying "Bang." Now that's just begging to be satirized.

There are so many extreme cases of ZT, but his example is a steak knife? That's like complaining they took away a bayonet.

confused said...

Thank you, Billywitchdoctor, I do feel a little better and can understand where you're going with that.

Plus, my surely temporary alignment with Tinny has me all flustered. Don't know how to think straight now.

Think I'll go relax and watch Fox News... Son of a b....

exanonymous said...

I think we're missing a really obvious point:

How many parents are letting their kids take steak knives to cut up meat to school? Is this the super-rich district where juicey red steak that requires a sharp implement to eat is a regular in a kid's lunchbox?

Attacking other kids aside, who's responsible when she cuts herself? I cut myself on knives by accident and I'm an adult!

john said...

Now, now, let's not be comparing King of the Hill, which is a wonderfully funny and well-drawn cartoon, to this slop. It's just not fair.

Kaitlyn said...

I don't remember the ZT episode of King of the Hill - was it the one where Hank took over for the shop teacher? (Peggy and that freaky frozen rose!)

john said...

Yeah, that's the one. I happen to like that episode, actually.