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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Those damned hurricanes

What's Mallard raving about today?

Global Warming, Hurricanes, Scientists.

Why don't these egghead scientists just go outside and notice how cold it is today. That would stop them from bitching about global warming!


Erich said...

"Eventually, they'll be right"?

He doesn't even realize that he's provided the very zinger AGAINST his own point!

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Tinny's wrong anyway. There have been catastrophic hurricanes in the past two seasons.

But as far as Tinpot's concerned, hurricanes are like terrorist attacks: if they didn't happen in America, they didn't happen at all.

Once again, Tinny tells us more about himself than his subject. And again it ain't pretty.

(Note the lack of a cited source.)

confused said...

"Scientists predict tiny hurricanes that look just like tornados..."

GeoX said...

And Katrina DOESN'T COUNT! That was THREE years ago! Well, two and a HALF. That doesn't change my basic point, which is: you libruls!

NW said...

My new favorite Mallard character is Evil Scientist who Cheers for Catastrophic Hurricanes.

exanonymous said...

No, instead scientists predicted ocean acidity levels rising due to absorption of carbon emissions.

They were SO wrong! Wait... it is more acidic? And those levels of acid are killing off certain species?

SCREW YOU IT'S NATURAL IT'S THE PERIOD OF WARMTH THE SUN ALWAYS GOES THROUGH!!!! damn liberals, always coming up with stuff so that we have to use strawmen to counter instead